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Will Crack-Cocaine Sentencing Reform Help Current Cons?

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Crack I dont smoke nor sell it. But I dont think that a person who sells crack is one hundred times the criminal a person who sells cocaine or pot for is for that matter. In this article the author describes the current movement in the house and senate to abolish the 100-to-1 ratio rule -which makes 1gram of crack equal to 100 grams of cocaine- for crack possession compared to cocaine possession and distribution. This ratio is not only unfair and seemingly unconstitional it is in accordance with mandatory sentencing guidelines which the feds handed down. So good there is movement towards abolish a seemingly cruel punishment.

The problem is that their is actually doubt wether the people presently incarcerated will be effected by a ruling to abolish the 100-to-1 rule and mandatory sentencing guidlines they were put away under. The house and senate are being hush hush on weater the ruling will be retroactive. Now why would a ruling that abolished a law for being unethical in terms of constitional law not be retroactive. Why would the prisoners put away under this system not be relaesed or at the very least be afforded a new trial. Why because the government does not want to face law suits that releasing these individuals, would be like admitting to. I say the feds made a mistake and they should own up to it. They handed down unfair mandatory sentences, taking a judge and jury’s opinon out of the equation. I see it as a highly unethical move on the feds part, drawing out this process of abolishing such guidelines and even considering the option of not making this revaluation and ruling retroactive which would release so many individuals who have been imprisoned for way to long. What do yall think about mandatory sentencing, retroactivity or the crack 100-to-1 ratio?

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The Job Market: Is a College Degree Worth Less

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The author of this article sites the fact that a bachelor’s degree is no longer sufficent or less sufficent than it once was  to make yourself stand out. Unemployment for grads is close to 11% this may be disturbing to you. The author finds that more students than not only need to but are intending to seek  at education beyond their bachelor’s degree.

My ethical question to this article is what obligation do colleges have to ensure that their students who will need to secure at least a master’s degree to differentiate themselves on the job market. Are able to do so at a resonable cost and in a resonable amount of time. I think with the current trend of business seeking out those who are educated beyond a bachelor’s degree. That colleges have an ethical obligation to streamline a bachelors and masters degree a hybird so to speak which can be achieved in five years or less. So that students with limited resources are not put at a further disadvantge by having to take a job they are over qualified for until they have enough money to get that next degree. I think that I have been forced ot take classes in college that literally offer no advantage to me, they are classes full of busy work that really I gain no useable real world knowledge from. So colleges should eliminate some of these type of courses from their curriculum and add classes that are ment to better prepare students for or are master level courses.

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Court could rule on Myrtle Beach helmet lawsuits

December 8, 2009 1 comment

This article is about lawsuits which have been placed against the city of Myrtle Beach by business owners regarding the ordinances which Myrtle Beach put into law during the last bike week. Business believe the city has no right to make laws like this that are obviously intended to deter the amount of people that will come for the bike rallies.

I think the city has every right to make a helmet law. With that said I do not think the formers of the helmet law intended to protect the motorcyclist and their families who would be impacted if a rider was in an accident with out a helmet. They obviously formed this law to ruin bike week. I believe it is unethical to pass a law which is intended to protect individuals, families, and socity against the burdens which may come as a result of a rider being injured buring an accident with out a helmet. When the true intent of the law was to deter individuals from visting for the rallies. The rallies have been a huge money maker for the strand. And there are families who have built business to specifically serve this demographic visitors. So is it ethical for law makers to pass laws aimed at reducing the amount of people coming for rallies?

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Teen in dead fetus case to remain in state custody

December 8, 2009 2 comments

This article is about a juvenile girl whose mother called the police regarding pictures she discovered on her daughter’s cell phone during a two day argument. The pictures were of a dead fetus that had been still born and was less than twenty weeks old, apparently buried at the families prior residence. The juvenile is charged with destruction and or desecration of human remains, she has been in custody since Monday and will remain at DJJ for mental evaluation for the next ten days.

Of course this is very sad. But my question is why did it happen maybe if we as a society recognized that not all young ladies are able to share a pregency with their parents with out fear of consequences. And if we as a society had organizations to offer free prenatal care and a plan for adoption after birth for the baby than things like this will stop happening. Further I would like to point out what I belive is a very ethical and just stance that our state- as is the norm-to protect the identity of the defender and her family. This girl will have to live with this tragedy forever however being that she is a juvenile I am gald that this will not follow her around on her arresst record. I am not sure what her punishment will be for this crime. However I hope that there will be more than just a punishment I hope that this girl will recieve what ever services she needs to move on from this tragedy that I am sure she did not intend to happen. It would be unethical for us as a society to just lock her up for whatever amt of time.  I think that one life has already been lost and we should do everything necessary to make sure this young lady does not waste her life over this tragedy in a constant state of depression or addiction.

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As allegations continue, fallout continues for Tiger Woods

December 8, 2009 1 comment

Tiger Woods I do not need to explain what this article is in relation to. But the author brings up some questions like is the PGA image tarinshed? I would say if you still support your state or federal government that golf’s image has not been damaged. Tiger might actually come out with another advertising deal, Magnum might be calling him soon.

Seriously though cheating is an issue between a married couple. This is a common ethical issue you see in today’s headlines. I have an ethical stand point I would like to share on this issue. I think it is unethical for media to stick their nose in this type of issue. I do not care who Tiger is bangin I do care what his score card says. The other issue here is how much time has been wasted on the Tiger scandal when there is real news that impacts our global community out there that is being ignored so that everyone can be updated on some guys relationships.

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A Cloning Cover-up

December 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Dr. Hwang Woo Suk resign’s from his position as the head of the World Stem Cell Hub. Dr. Suk is an inventator in the stem cell research field. His decision to resign came aftter contined prying by the ethical community of his team using stem cells which had been purchased, this act is now forbidden in this field and has long been view as unethical.

The funny thing about this article is the situation the author describes in which the SouthKorea’s citizens particularly women did not waver in their support of Dr. Suk’s research if anything he gained more support. See Dr.Suk resigned after one of his associates admitting to purchasing eggs from 20 women, approx$1,500 paid to each women. After this news broke more than 600 women signed up to donate their eggs. This kind of hits on the example in class Dr. Wittk. gave when people donate moe blood in countries where there was no financial incentive to do so.  That may or may not be intresting to you, however it is not the ethical issue. Offering Payment for a women’s eggs is the issue. I think it is not unethical to do this as long as the women are  informed of their rights or lack thereof after the deal is made.,9171,1134813,00.html

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S.C. Gov Faces 37 Ethics Violation Charges

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This article discuss the ethical violations Gov. Mark Sanford is accused of in relation to an affair he was having with a Brazilian women. Other violations include using state aircraft for use in unoffical business and converting contribution money to personal use or acconts. The author does a good job of describing the Governor’s infractions and possible consequences of those.

Dereliction of duty was the main concern of four GOP lawmakers who sited this as the main reason why Sanford should be removed from office. I agree with these officials, Sanford should be removed becase he left his post as governor without informing the deputy govenor or his staff. If something came up that called for his attention and a search party was sent in to the App. mountains to locate him they would not be able to find him. So to me the ethical issue is not weather he cheated or the money he used to conduct this affair- I seriously dobut the govenor needed to steal from his contributions to conduct his affair considering his families wealth. The issue is that he had a real ethical obligation to always make himself available for the state or at the very least let his staff know where he was at all times.

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