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White House Crashers

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

This article is about the couple that supposedly crashed a dinner at the white house.  I think that whatever this situation pans out to be it should not be publicized.  It seems clear that the couple was not on the guest list so either they were doing this to get publicity and get their minute of fame or they were just trying to get passed white house security and succeeded.  Either way I do not think they should be advertising this on every news channel.  What the couple did is wrong if they were in fact not on the guest list and if they were this is an embarrassment the white house security.  The last thing this country needs is people thinking that they can invite themselves into dinners with the president!

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NFL fines

November 17, 2009 3 comments

This article is about the owner of the Titans being charged $250,000 for a hand gesture he did during the game last Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. The 86 year old owner was found giving the middle finger twice during the game and owners are held to the same rules that players are when it comes to conduct rules. I think that this is a bit extreme. That is a lot of money for simply showing emotion about a game he was passionate about. Players that have done similar wrongs have been charged $7500 or $10,00 in the past. I think this fine is outrageous along with other fines the NFL believes in. I do not think that they should fine players for celebrating during the game. These fines violate basic rights and although it is understandable that in order to avoid chaos rules need to be implemented but $250,000 that’s so ridiculous. I wonder what they are doing with this money I would hope it would go towards something ethical but I’m guessing not!

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Military Punishments

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

The article pertains to the shooting in Fort Hood and how punishment is handled in a military court.  Only 15 people have received the death sentence in the past 25 years.  In order for someone to receive the death sentence the jury’s vote has to be unanimous and in order to receive a life sentence in jail the ¾ of the jury must agree.  The president himself has to approve before anyone in military court is put to death.  These facts are disturbing considering the horrible crimes some military members are committing.  Just because someone is a member of the military does not mean they should not be held accountable for their actions.  This is almost a reason for someone to join the military because they will not be punished for doing wrong.  Yes I think that people serving our country should receive many benefits for their courageous duties but I feel that they deserve to be treated at as any other civilian when it comes to being found guilty of a serious crime.

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The Swine

November 1, 2009 3 comments

This article is about the swine flu and the growth of hospital patients because of the illness. The article says that a lot of parents are bringing their children to emergency rooms that don’t need treatment. The article is stressing that unless your child is showing warning signs don’t bring them to the hospital because they will probably be fine. This article just really makes me mad because of the way the media is portraying the swine flu. I know that if I had a child that was showing any symptoms at all I would want them to be seen by a doctor. The way the media has portrayed this flu it seems like a very scary and life threatening thing. I don’t think doctors should be telling everyone to calm down about it when the media is exaggerating and highlighting how horrible the sickness is.

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Insurance Coverage

October 25, 2009 1 comment This is a story about a woman who has an illness that makes her feel as if she has the flu every single day. The woman is not being covered by insurance for some reason. She is constantly fighting for some insurance coverage but is only covered for catastrophic events such as being hit by a bus. I find this so ridiculous and unethical. I have heard another story on the news this week about a baby who was not covered by its parent’s insurance company because it weighed too much. Is this real? How could an insurance company not cover an innocent new born baby that is maybe a little bigger but otherwise perfectly healthy. I suppose these stories bother me more because I have heard stories of people who have gotten plastic surgeries covered by insurance that were not necessary for any health reason but were simply done to enhance looks. I feel reformation is in the works for health insurance but I hope that the new system will help those who truly need it.

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Peace Prize

October 11, 2009 2 comments

This article is about how the Nobel Piece prize should have gone to the nuclear bomb instead of president Obama.  The award was given to Obama because of his work on and commitment to nuclear disarmament.  This article describes the world before the creation of nuclear weapons and it was in fact much more violent than the world today.  So the author of this article believes that instead of giving the peace prize to Obama for his efforts to get rid of the weapons the award should actually go to the weapons themselves.  I saw on Saturday Night Live a skit about Obama receiving the award.  The comedians joked about how premature the award was.  I agree with them in that I think that although the president has many great plans for world peace I do not think that he deserves this award until these plans are carried out successfully.

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David Letterman

October 2, 2009 1 comment

This article is about the recent David Letterman scandal.  Letterman admitted to having sexual relations with women on his staff.  Letterman was blackmailed by someone who wanted $2 million to stay quiet.  David Letterman is a married man with a child so this is no matter to take lightly.  I watched the clip of his revealing this information to the audience.  The audience was obviously confused about the news because they were laughing as if the confession was part of his comedy act.  The question of weather Letterman is going to be able to keep his job as a late night comedian is unanswered.  This scandal is very serious and nothing to take light or ignore.  What Letterman did is very wrong and I think he should have to pay consequences.  Just because he is a comedian does not mean that his actions are funny.  In any other area of work I feel a boss would absolutely get fired for this type of behavior.  I personally do not think I will be watching Letterman’s show any time soon.  I feel his reputation is definitely ruined and he makes no sense to be because so many of his jokes are centered around other people who have done what he is now admitting he has done

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