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Great Moments in False Advertising

November 24, 2009 4 comments

False Advertising

This article looks at different false advertising that some of our favorite companies are engaging in. The first one the article looks into is Airborne. This product claims that it can boost your immune system so you don’t get sick. This is not proved in any studies though. Secondly Dell promised buyers “no interest, or no payment” and then the customers were stuck with a higher interest. This was not only considered false advertising but “deceptive business and abusive debt collection”. Poor ethics are coming to light in many of the businesses that we trust. The article goes on to mention false advertising for shampoo and lotion that “make your hair stronger” or your “skin younger”, and Nike using sweat shops.

Most of the previous companies were taken to court to punish them for falsely advertising. This is all too common though and many companies don’t get in trouble for this. Companies know what false advertising they are putting forward, and what negative effects it will have on its customers later. The big businesses have become so caught up in getting customers to buy their products, so they can profit, that they don’t even give factual information. People are being fed false promises from products that end up being false. The big businesses have moral obligations to their customers to give them good products that actually work how they are promised. As discussed in class the businesses seem to not be worried with ethical responsibilities to their customers but only to better the business and their income.

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Dirty Secrets of Black Friday ‘Doorbusters’

November 23, 2009 6 comments

Dirty Secrets of Black Friday

This article explains how shoppers should beware of the “good” deals they expect to find on Black Friday. It explains how the fine print in the businesses circulars says something like “while supplies last”, “minimum 2 per store”. “all items are available in limited quantities”, or “no rain checks”. The author explains that large businesses like Sears are offering deals this year like 599.99 for a TV. The catch is the quantity per store is only 3! He goes to say “Sure , you probably have more, but how do you put out a circular to millions of households and only have three?,” Not only this but stores also advertise “derivative” items. Customers think they are getting a deal only to find that they have bought the model that has far “fewer features than the standard.”

It seems like the stores are trying to ‘pull one over” on their customers, a very unethical business practice. Businesses advertise their door buster deals in circulars and papers to customers that in reality aren’t what they seems. People get up in the earliest hours of the morning expecting to get a good deal only to wish they had read the very fine print. People expect to rush in the store when it opens and get the best deals for being the first in line, only to find that the “minimum” of “2 per store” is already gone. This rush leads to stampedes like last year when an employee of Wal-Mart was killed from the shoppers rushing in to get “limited quantity” items. businesses should be straight forward about their deals, not hide information in fine print and deceive customers.

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What Now for the Gosselin Kids?

November 23, 2009 4 comments

What Now for the Gosselin Kids?

This article discusses the issue of what is going to happen now that TLC’s show Jon and Kate Plus 8 is ending. At first this may not seem like an ethical problem but if you read the article you can see where the ethical problems form. It’s hard to tell if the parents are just unconcerned for their children, or if media has gone too far into the lives of the Gosselin’s. As the article states, the media has been covering the horrible divorce battle between John and Kate. Having their whole lives taped and especially these recent months of their parents separation being on tv must be taking a “psychological toll” on the children.

Jon decided to quit the show and TLC had planned to continue the show now being titled “Kate Plus 8” but Jon “protested”. It seems strange to me that all of a sudden Jon has a moral concern for his kids. He claims that he doesn’t think “on-camera time was good for his kids.” Maybe because he isnt part of the show now? I believe that the tv producers or especially the parents of the children should show more ethical reasoning. Do they not think about the impact of being followed by cameras all their life is going to have on the children. Seems they are just concerned with ratings and money.

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Health group finds high lead levels in toys

November 17, 2009 1 comment

Health group finds high lead levels in toys

This article is about kids toys that had lead exceeding the federal limit in them. The toys were sold in multiple stores that included Wal-Mart and Target. The ethical issue here is who is at fault and why did this happen. After the stricter laws were passed why were these toys still available to buy? The worst part of this is nobody is taking the blame. One product was a Disney necklace. Disney, when questioned, said that their licensee, Playmates Toys, had tested the necklace and it had passed their tests. Mattel as well put the blame off themselves. They said that they licensed the Barbie name to Bell Sports, So they never actually make it or sell it. Finally when you think you have someone to blame for this, Bell Sport said this was an older product and they didnt know why it was still on shelves. Businesses testing these toys should be more strict on what they allow to pass inspections.

I believe this should have never happened. How do people, whose jobs are to test these toys, let things like this slip. High amounts of lead can cause brain damage in children. Consumers assume that if the toy is on the shelf then it has been through test that make them comfortable that it is safe!

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Boy describe how mother attacked him

October 29, 2009 1 comment

Mother attacks sons


This article is a disterbing one, involving a mother and her two boys in Iowa.  Michelle Kehoe had planned to kill both of her sons and then kill herself and blame it one someone else. Fortunately one of her sons survived to tell of his mothers crime. The 7 year old boy watched his mother kill his 2 year old brother and then leave them both for dead after slashing their throats. She attempted to kill herself and when that didn’t work she walked to a residence and told the story she had made up some time before. Kehoe had planned the attack months prior when she purchased the knife and the duct tape she placed over her sons faces. The young boy told investigators what had happened.

How could this mother plan the murder of her two sons. She is not the one who decides if they should live or die. She was willing to take the life of her two boys and herself. She premeditated this crime and should be sentenced to life in prison. Imagine how this 7 year old boy will grow up knowing that his mother tried to kill him and murdered his younger brother right in front of him.

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Racist Hotel Owner?

October 26, 2009 1 comment

Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names

 Larry Whitten, a hotel “flipper” has caused much outrage over a recient incident. Whitten has been in the hotel business for over 40 years and was responsible for over fixing up over 20 motels in various states. Whitten recently purchased a run down hotel in New Mexico. Upon taking control he immediately told his hispanic workers that they were forbidden from speaking spanish around him because he thought they were talking about him. Whitten also forbid them from saying their names correctly. He wanted them to “Anglicize their names.”

It is unethical for this man to tell people that they cannot speak their native language. Whitten wanted to change their spanish names so they were more “English”. Who is he to tell someone they cannot go by their given name. The town was outraged by his actions. Many of the employees were fired but Whitten claims it was because they were “hostile”

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Teen Burned for Stopping Crime

October 14, 2009 1 comment

Doctor: Burned Fla. teen ‘not out of woods yet’

This article is quite disturbing to read. A 15-year-old boy in Florida was “doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire”. The boy, Michael called the cops on another teen who was trying to steal his father’s bicycle. The other teen was arrested but upon his release found Michael, and with four other boys helping, splashed rubbing alcohol on him and set him on fire. Michael has burns on the majority of his body and is under great risk for organ failure. He will be in the hospital for months.

It’s so sad that someone trying to report a crime could have this happen to them. It’s even more outrageous that this happened with teenagers! Why were any of these boys not at school and why after just being released from jail was this other boys mother not more involved with her sons activities. This is just going to scare kids into not reporting crimes they see for fear of retaliation.

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