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Should you be paid for being on call?

December 4, 2009 1 comment

Should you be paid for being on call?

This article is about a woman who was working for a company that had to lay some people off, her boss offered her a deal to do the same job she was currently doing but getting paid hourly with no benefits (she was salary before). Because of the scare of unemployment she took the offer but had nothing in writing. Her boss has told her she is to be “on-call” pretty much 24/7 but she only gets paid 40hrs a week. I know there are companies out there that do have employees “on-call” like resturants for example. But resturants use their judgement based on how busy they get or how long of a wait they are on. I dont really see there being a need, except for emergency personnel, for having employee’s on-call. But then again I dont feel they should be getting paid all hours of the day and night because they are on-call. I am stuck in the middle on this one, there is a resonable argument for both sides.

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Santa’s wish list: Flu shot & hand sanitizer

December 4, 2009 3 comments

Swine Flu concerns

With all the confusion about H1N1 and who needs to get the shot, who doesn’t and why nobody realized about the seriousness about the santas. All of the country (and world) have santas who work from the beginning of December up until the big day and have thousands excited kids waiting to tell santa whats on their list. But now with the swine flu scare the santas are almost a must when it comes to getting the vaccination. Unfortuately santas are not officially in the priority high-risk group according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and because the vaccine is in limited supply. This article really isn’t an ethical issue but because of the worry of children getting swine flu they won’t be seeing santa this year. I just remember when I was little how big of a deal it was to go see santa at the near by mall!! Doctors can’t really tell parents not to bring thier kids to see santa but with the thousands of kids sitting on santas lap this year there will be a lot of germs and viruses going around, which is something to think twice about.

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An education in student loans

December 4, 2009 1 comment

Student Loans

“College degrees are supposed to last a lifetime, but should tuition loan payments?” This is a statement that students are all too familiar with and afraid to believe. What some students are not aware of while taking out a student loan is the amount of interest and how high that interest rate is. Most of the interest rates on student loans range differetly from school to school but the average is 18%!!! This is a high interest rate especially because the loanees are aware that you won’t pay that loan back on graduation day and students take a lot of money out on loan for their tuition. This article speaks on behalf of a student who is facing the high interest rate on his student loan and how other student loan companies are attempting to resolve this issue. Doesn’t the economy see the struggle young people are having? Why can’t student loan companies realize that charging that high of an interest rate is ridiculous. I love it how the loan companies bank on students getting “high-paying” jobs the day after they graduate college to pay off that student loan. I know going to college can’t be free but tuition alone is so pricy! Maybe if tuition wasn’t as high there would be less students taking out loans. Can the student loan companies use some common sense here please!!!

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Abercrombie & Fitch Bargains for a rebound

December 3, 2009 2 comments

Abercrombie & Fitch

Oh my Gosh! Is Abercrombie actually putting clothes on sale? According to this article they are but they are not too happy about it. It almost seems like forever Abercrombie has been know for its very expensive brand attached to preppy clothes that are only ok quality. With most of Abercrombie’s competitors slashing prices for the holidays price-conscious teens are now realizing they can find bargains elsewhere in addition to Abercrombie’s fashion trends not being totally up to date. Hollister is also guilty of the high marked clothing and also plans to mark down items as much as 40%. “Once you lose your brand loyalists-and you have to do a lot to piss them off-you don’t get them back” is alot of what has been said about Abercrombie’s super high prices. The company plans on opening some stores in Japan and Copenhagen in hopes of raising total revenue but is the damage already done? It is so unethical to charge almost $40 for a “printed tee” that is almost see-through (cheap quality). You could go to American Eagle and spend a little less and get better quality clothing for you money. I personally own one top from Abercrombie and it was a gift that didnt even fit because their large is a small (the women know what I am talking about). It is about time that Abercrombie realizes how much they are ripping people off and I am also very happy to hear that this generation of teenagers is wising up to Abercrombie’s pricing tactics!

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Wal-Mart to pay $40M to workers in Mass.

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment


According to this article, Wal-Mart stores Inc. has agreed to pay $40 million to 87,500 Massachusetts employees who claimed the retailer denied them rest and meal breaks, manipulated time cards and refused to pay overtime. This is said to be one of the largest settlements of its kind. Employees who worked at Wal-Mart between 1995 and this year will recieve payments between $400 and $2500 depending upon their years of service. A multi-million dollar company like Wal-Mart should know better than this, and just because Wal-Mart may have the $40million to spend, this situation is not the one to blow it on. Is it ethical for Wal-Mart to not give breaks to employees? I can understand not allowing employees to get overtime because that is happening with numerous business but not allowing the employees to take breaks usually cost the company more money (because the employee usually punch out for meal breaks) and gives the employee more money(by not requiring the employee to punch out to take a break). So for Wal-Mart to not be giving breaks is stupid on their part, $40 million dollars stupid.

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Probe into KY census worker’s death concludes

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Probe into KY census worker’s death concludes

A census worker in Kentucky was found dead, hanging from a tree with the word “fed” written on his chest in pen, he was not clothed and was bound with duck tape with his identification card taped to his neck. Although the case is still under investigation federal and state investigators have not decleared the cause of death to be a homicide, suicide or accident. Because he was a census employee the family would have been eligible for up to $10000 in death gratuity payments if he was killed on the job.This particular man was also a substitute teacher and was currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. I honestly don’t see someone doing this to themself(suicide) but the fact that if he didnt do it to himself then who would do something like that to another human? It was a disturbing and upsetting article to read especially because the man was just doing his job. what’s next, are we going to read about a girl scout being missing or killed for going door-to-door? I can’t seem to see the killers theory of killing an innocent census employee, maybe just because of our country’s economic state someone feels that an employee at the census is the cause because they work for the “fed”?

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Stress of debt shrinks list of holiday gifts

December 2, 2009 2 comments

Stress of debt shrinks list of holiday gifts

As we all know everybody is feeling stressed about the holiday season that is approaching rather quickly. The unemployment rate is higher this year than last year but our economy was worse off in the recession last year than this, it is hard to predict how retail sales will be this year. Right at 93% of people say they will spend less or about the same as last year on holiday gifts this year. Most people, 80% say they will be using mostly cash to pay for thier holiday shopping, which usually means buying less and higher stress levels. A lot of people are feeling the stress of holiday expenses and often look towards using credit which are harder to apply for and a lot of people cannot pay off the holiday season credit card charges because they can’t pay it in full when the bill arrives. I have learned from the past about “charging christmas” and am extremely determined to only spend cash this year on gifts. Something that helps me and many others is start shopping early, even though I have always procrastinated about buying gifts till the week of christmas I have already started this year. I now call it “budgeting christmas” because not only am I getting ahead on my christmas shopping early but it helps by only taking a little bit of money out of every paycheck instead of taking it all out of one right before christmas and most likely not having enough cash and would turn to credit. Christmas is not all about the gifts and if it is to some people you should’nt be stressed out about how your going to afford the gifts.

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