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GDP is getting better

September 30, 2009 1 comment

GDP Article


I think it’s amazing that at least on paper things seem to be getting better with the economy. So many people lost jobs back at the beginning of the summer and they have still yet to find a job. The Stimulus package seems to be working but how long is it going to be before we see changes in our every day life from it? Being a college student im spending thousands of dollars to get an education to obtain a job and at the current stand point im a little worried there wont be a job come next year when i graduate. There is definitely a long road still ahead of us in this recession but i guess little steps on paper are better than nothing at all.

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TGI- Thursday

September 11, 2009 7 comments

No More Friday Work Days

 This article presents an interesting idea about getting rid of Friday work days and having a four day work week. This means a two hour longer work day but a three day weekend in return. Sounds like a good idea to me. Not to mention the money that it saves not only the company but the workers. Everyone wins from the new way of working. Employees aren’t getting laid off because the company is saving money from shutting down machines and power sources for an extra day. There also getting to spend more leisure time with family and friends doing things they enjoy. At the same time they are saving money not having to drive to work that day.

I dont know about everyone else, but i wouldn’t mind working two extra hours to have friday off. My question is when is South Carolina going to get on board with this idea?

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