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Unethical Toys a Problem

December 6, 2009 3 comments

Toys a Hazard

GoodGuide, a company who makes sure that toys are safe and meet safety standards has declared that a Pet Hamster toy made is not safe for children. GoodGuides reasoning for the bad review of the toy was that it contained very high levels of a chemical called antimony. The chemical was found in the hamster’s fur and the readings exceeded the level of the chemical allowed.

The moral and ethical issue here is whether the product and both companies testing are correct. GoodGuide says that its test proves that the toy hamster is not safe and the maker of the hamster says that the toy passed many of its rigorous safety tests. The maker of the hamster will be contacting GoodGuide to clarify the report. Someone needs to decide whether this toy upholds safety standards. Children’s health are at stake here. A toy is such an innocent thing and to produce one unsafely is so high on the list of bad ethics. I really hope that the company producing the hamster did not just throw away their ethics to maximize profit.

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Unethical Mayor in Baltimore

December 6, 2009 1 comment

Unethical Mayor

The mayor of Baltimore, Sheila Dixon, does not seem to hold business ethics very highly. She was convicted of taking gift cards that were planned to be for the cities poor. Dixon was acquitted of the felony theft charge however the question here is whether the conviction could force her out of her position. The article states that Dixon spent about $630 on electronical items that she purchased from best buy. There were also a couple of other charges listed.

The stealing of these gift card for personal use is neither moral of ethical. As the mayor of one of Marylands biggest cities, she should be upholding high standards of business ethics that all citizens can follow. In the case, Dixon argues that a romantic interest delivered the gift cards to her anonymously. Either way the fact that they could have been stolen and misused is completely inappropriate. Residents of Baltimore have got to be asking what other corrupt practices she is partaking in and what she is doing under the rader. Should she be allowed to stay in office based on her previous history? Some say no but many still continue to follow and support her.

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Ethics at its Finest

December 6, 2009 1 comment

Ethical Recognition

Ethics in the business world are not always something that are looked upon highly. However that is not the case for a small business called VirusBuster. Ethics are something that the company holds very highly. They have called upon ethics to increase their business since the beginning.

Virus Buster was awarded for their effots and ethics by receiving the Business Ethics Price, an award received for responsible and ethical actions. This method of rewarding actions goes along with the Incentive method in the chapter about pollution. If more businesses were excited and happy to receive these awards then their may be a chance for more healthy competition in an ethical way. Not all businesses will care about ethical awards but I believe they are a great incentive. They will help to showcase the ethics of the company and show customers and business partners that the business cares about more than just profit.

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MBA Prospectives already Unethical

November 28, 2009 1 comment

MBA wannabes learn tough ethics lesson–Harvard, other top B-schools reject applicants helped by hacker

If you were an admissions officer for an MBA program, would you want to choose someone who is already showing no ethical responsibility? This situations has occurred with several schools who use ApplyYourself Inc, an admissions outsourcing company that handles Harvard and other schools admissions applications. Harvard is where the problem was first discovered. 119 prospective students hacked into ApplyYourself after reading instructions from hackers that were posted on websites. They were checking on the status of their admissions application.

The ethical dilema here is whether the school should still accept these students after seeing the bad ethical judgement that they have just shown. I don’t believe that these applicants should be accepted. I would want business students who will be progressive and innovative in the future. Not students who try to discover things through unethical means. Its just not a good way to start out. Some of the schools are struggling with whether to release the names of the students who hacked in the network. This article shows how one bad ethical decision can ruin your chances at something amazing.

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A Teddy Bear and a Straight Jacket

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

“Crazy for You” or just plain crazy? Teddy bear raises perplexing business ethics questions

Would you buy a teddy bear wearing a straight jacket?? Well a teddy bear who comes wearing its own straight jacket is the most recent teddy bear of the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. The image of the teddy bear to some is an insult to the mentally ill. The company says that they did not mean it as an insult. The bear was made to symbolize how crazy a person could be for another person. It was up for sale before Valentine’s Day of last year and sold out.

I will admit that when I first saw this bear I was a bit shocked. Who would have thought to put a teddy bear in a straight jacket. Personally I think it is a little insensitive to the mentally ill or others in general. However there are many other products out there that do similar things and don’t receive this attention. I think the fact that they took something so innocent like a teddy bear and stuck it with something as serious as a straight jacket is really what makes this seem so extreme. Is it ethical to take something so serious and turn it into Valentine’s Day profit? I don’t think that helps our society and I would not want to buy this profit.

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Rule Enforcement a New Thing

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Runners angry after receiving parking tickets during race

In New Orleans, there is a traditional race that is ran on Thanksgiving Day. Many of the participants of this race have participated in the race for many years before and each year they park in the same place and do not recieve tickets. This year however, after participating in the race and returning to their cars they found $75 tickets. The area does state that there is to be no parking on the street however I don’t agree with the decision to ticket people.

The article even states that cops in the past have directed people to park on that street. What kind of message is that sending? To me its saying “well its ok sometimes…but not when we need to write tickets”. It sounds like the town took advantage of a well attended event and went after an area that is usually stayed away from. If the officers want people to respect the sign in those areas then they need to monitor and ticket them on a routine basis…not just when its convenient for them. The on and off ticketing confused the racers who have been parking there for years and the people who have once or twice been told to park there. Why is it that only certain days receive tickets and others are blatantly ignored.

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Michigan Supreme Court torn on new Ethical Rule

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

New Ethics Rule Divides Michigan Supreme Court

The linked article discusses a new ethical rule that allows Michigan Supreme Court justices to disqualify each other from cases. This has not been done in the Michigan supreme court but has been done in lower and trial courts for sometime now. The article states that trial judges are removed based on bias all the time. The Michigan Supreme Court is following in the footsteps of the US Supreme Court who recently made a decision to remove a justice because the chief executive in the company paid $3 million toward his election.

While looking at the removal of the justice who knew the chief executive, this looks like an ethical decision to make. It looks like one that will decrease corruption, eliminate bias, and eliminate bribes. However, Justice Robert Young Jr. does not agree. He believes that the new decision will limit free speech. What justice will be willing to completely and openly share their opinion when it could get them disqualified from specific cases. He believes this will come into play alot with future supreme court elections. As much as this decision does support ethics, it may also hinder other areas such as free speech. I am torn and can see both perspectives. Is this really an ethical decision all around? Should we even have to question a judges bias?

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