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Tiger woods and his crash

December 2, 2009 1 comment


This is in Tiger’s rights not to comment about what happened because this violates one of the amendments.  This is something that the press are going to have to respect because Woods should keep his family problems out of the press because this is not fair on their family because they are only in the limelight because it involves Tiger Woods .  This is a story that everyone will want to know what happened because he is a role model but if the public know what happened then i think he will loose a lot of respect because when you marry someone you marry them for sickness and in health until death do us part.  This means that you are linked to that person and that know one else shoulf be involved at all.

On the other hand, Tiger Woods should not have cheated on his wife because this is morally wrong.  He has two children with his wife and should be committed to golf and his family.  Woods is completely wrong and has been completely against the moral views.  I feel that if he can not be ethical to his wife then the story should get out to the public so they see what an idiot he has been because too many people look up to what he has done and he does not even deserve this respect.

Do you think he deserves the press to leave them alone?

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Ethics and steroids

December 2, 2009 2 comments

The use of sport and steroids should not mix together.  Steroids help the athletes to get bigger muscles which will make them faster and stronger.  This is a form of cheating and is illegal if the athletes get caught there will be serious consequences.  This is something that is wrong and athlete’s will take out this drug because they feel that it wil help them win and when an athlete trains as hard as they do they will do anything to be the best.  They will try to do whatever they can.  This is not ethical and this is cheating.  The athlete should really not take part in this drug because this is nt fair and creates a competitive advantage so that when they win it is not their real body doing this so they can not really say that they came first because they were on drugs where the other athletes were doing this in the right way.

On the other hand if someone can take steroids and not get caught then why not.  The athlete is not hurting anyone else because all athletes could take drugs and not get caught.  If there was no way that anyone will get caught then this act would happen all the time because the athletes would want to do it to get stronger and win more medals because this will get them recognition and more money.  The decision is if they can live with themselves knowing that they cheated to win the medal in the first place!

Would you be able to take steroids knowing that you are cheating?

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Closing of ethics center raises concerns

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

“ST. LOUIS (AP) — Washington University has announced it will close its ethics center just as two people connected to the university have had high-profile ethical.” This is the main point to this article because this university has decided to close down their ethical center because of budget matters. Before the main professor who was helping to give out ethics guidance to the university student was accused of putting false information on the website and directly to the students. He gave out false information to a doctor which led to them using the wrong drugs.

This is appalling and everyone should be punished that was linked to this centre because they are going against what they are actually there to do which is random. If you were an ethics worker then surly they would understand and have looked into greater details and know that they can not give false information out because this will give a bad example out to the students.

Closing this centre down is out of order in another view because they have gained 20,00 dollars from private people in order to help. This is more than many other departments and that if this centre stayed open then the school would be able to bring in more money which will help the reputation because this money can be used to help with better professors or a larger pay so that the professors keep up there good work.

Another angle to look at this piece is that should a big university close down their ethic’s centre. This is giving the students disrespect and if they think that they do not have any help in this department maybe people will forget about their ethics and this will make the students do things in the wrong way.

I feel that the centre should be opened because having people guide you through ethics is what we need in this world to make sure that everyone stays on the straight and narrow.

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Australia apologizes to Aborigines

November 18, 2009 Leave a comment


The Australian government apologized Wednesday for years of “mistreatment” that inflicted “profound grief, suffering and loss” on the country’s Aboriginal people. The new government took over and now believes that the lost generation deserves an apology. This apology was probably due to the fact that he was trying to win over the Australian’s so that he will gain their respect.
In his speech he said “To the mothers and fathers, to the brothers and sisters we say sorry. And for the indignity and degradation on a proud people and a proud culture we say sorry.” They basically took the children away from their families and made them work for them which is completely unethical.
In my view i think that the australians should have left the children with their families and not expected people to work because this is not fair taking away a young child from their families in order to help their country.
To help with his apology he will symbolize what the government hopes will be a fresh approach to the future, a group of indigenous Australians performed a traditional welcome ceremony Tuesday of dancing and singing to mark the start of parliament’s new session. As the traditional owners of the land which parliament sits on, the performers “welcomed” the lawmakers onto it. This will be nice because they will get their own day and feel respected.
I think that they are going the right way about it and that Australia will be forgiven in the future. In the first place they should not have done this in the first place and thought about it being unethical in the first place but what done is done and this is something that will get better with time. The sorry will really help and this will help to let them gain the respect again.

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How to get a good night’s sleep

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

This article is all about making sure that you do things so that you will be able to sleep well.  There are 5 questions that are now what philosophers want to ask everyone so that they can see if these are the reasons that they can not sleep.  1. Did I avoid causing harm? 2. Did I make things better? 3. Did I respect others? 4. Was I fair? 5. Was I compassionate?.  These are questions that you should answer yes to and if you have answered yes to all of these questions then it shows that you are ethical and are having trouble sleeping due to other problems.

In the workplace you sometimes can not leave the work at work and this will creep home with you.  In the workplace you should make sure that everything is going really well and that you treat everyone with the right intentions.  This way you will be able to get a decent nights sleep and then you will be able to work to the best of your ability and keep your job for longer because you will be performing well.

On the other hand in some jobs you will have to lie a little in order to progress in your job and this people will have to get used to and learn to be able to sleep at night because this is where if you did not do these little white lies then there would be an issue and you might get fired for not producing anything special.

I would recommend trying to do your best in the workplace and if your succeeding you should stick to that way.  Make sure you do things that will let you sleep well at night!


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Imagine a World Without Ethics

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

This article is about a man who goes around to different countries and gives a speech about ethics.  The man will make sure that the speech is entertaining and informative so that people can see why ethics is so important.  He is really into his job and likes to make sure that everyone is ready and wanting to learn why we should all conduct to ethics.  Ethics is a commonly asked question in which he asks.  People say ethics is something which helps you sleep at night, be a good role model to my children, be able to look in the mirror.  All these are great examples.

I think that there should be ethics because otherwise this world could become crazy and everyone would do exactly what they wanted.  These actions could be taken the wrong way and if there was not ethics i think that there would be a lot of cheating, killing, stealing in the world.  This is because there will be no one telling these people that it is the wrong thing to do and everyone will be able to sleep well at night even if they have killed someone because the morals show people that it should not happen but if there were no morals then there is no stopping in some people.  The prisoners would all be able to be out in the world and this could cause complete chaos.  With having morals this makes some people think before they actually carry through with their actions. I think that having morals makes the world a better place because these morals provide guidelines which are not strict but people will think before they carry through with the action so that they know that the outsiders will look at them in the correct way.

On the other hand if there were not morals then people could completely rule the world which would create a different atmosphere.  What do you think that there should be morals in this world or not?

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Should i fess up to lying on my Resume

October 22, 2009 2 comments<link&gt;

This article is about this man lying in his resume and now is starting to feel bad because he has got the job and the employers are still not aware of his “untruth” as he calls it.  He lied about getting a double major in business and philosophy and instead he just took a lot of philosophy classes but not enough to get a double major.  He feels bad because he is one scared that the employer will catch him out later down the line and that this could cause the employer to either fire him or not trust him in the future.  The article is all about what he should do.  He wants to go for this promotion and does not know if he should bring this up.  There are certain views why he should or shouldn’t but most people feel that he should not because if the employers would find out now then they might fire them for being deceitful although if the employes have not found out by now then i feel that your home dry.

He should tell the employer because then this will show that he feels bad about the situation and that he could not lie for too much longer because he felt too bad about it.  He feels that he can’t go for the promotion in case the employers look more into his case and see that he lied about his degree.  If he tells the employers then this can show that he is mature and doesn’t want to live under a lie.  This shows that you are admitting your lie and that you could not live with it and wanted a clear conscious.

On the other hand he should not tell the employer because this will hinder his chances of the promotion that he is going for.  This is a huge aspect and that you should not lie on your resume because it makes you look untrustworthy and immature.  Bosses will wonder if they even want to keep this worker on the job because if he could lie about something like that then what else could he do.

What are your views on whether he should fess up or not???

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