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Best Buy wants your electronic junk

December 1, 2009 2 comments

This article is about Best Buy recycling program, a green reputation and a way to get customers into stores.  The traffic in electronics travels a two-way street. Junk goes in that can be sold if is separate and flat-screen TVs, netbooks, and other kind of electronics. Since March, when Best Buy began offering free recycling of gadgets and small, so far more than 25 million pounds of ISTB –that’s is the amount receive buy Best Buy stores. Best Buy came to embrace corporate responsibility and recycling, because their founders set out to build a different kind of company.  Best Buy began to focus on its social and environmental impact at the behest of its workers and customers. The article also says some customers-not most- but enough to matter- said they preferred to do business with retailers that cared about their community. The CEO think that his job is to be the chief listener, the CEO don’t believe that there are a few really smart people but the only way to make companies to success is to be around the enterprise and look for people with passion and ideas.  Best Buy new goal is to do more than sell technology. The company began by installing kiosks in stores where customers can drop off cell phones, batteries, and ink-jet cartridges for Best Buy it turns out to be a good business.

I think that Best Buy is getting smarting buy turning green, by doing that more consumers would buy their products.  In the meanwhile it gives Best Buy more stability, while customers are disposing their old electronics. Best Buy is changing the way of doing business; recycle is more than garbage if you recycle the right products. I think the Best Buy is making a lot of profit by collecting old electronics; because they are collecting millions of old parts every day.  I like the idea of Best of trying to do new business by became green for the reason that it would help future generations. With this idea Best Buy is doing more sells because customers need to buy new products.

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Tacoma Suspect Is Killed by Police Officer in Seattle

December 1, 2009 1 comment

This article is about the shooting that occur in Seattle, where four uniformed police officers had killed by Maurice Clemmons.  Mr. Clemmons was shot and killed early Tuesday by a Seattle police officer who chanced upon him during a routine patrol. Mr. Clemmons cause a huge manhunt that had fanned out through Seattle over the last two days. Officials said Mr. Clemmons had been carrying a gun that had belonged to one of the four officers, who were killed at a coffee shop near Tacoma on Sunday morning. This article also says that authorities now had arrested four other people who had help Clemmons in the shooting on Sunday.  The spokesman for Pierce County did not provide any details about how the other four people knew Mr. Clemmons, or how they had assisted him. The policeman who killed Mr. Clemmons said it was pure coincidence that he came face to face around 2:45 am Pacific Time on Tuesday. The officer was patrolling a working-class neighborhood in south Seattle when he came across an empty car on the street, its hood up and its engine idling. The officer recognized Mr. Clemmons immediately, the officer notice that Mr. Clemmons was trying to pull something from his pocket and the officer fired at least twice Mr. Clemmons was pronounced dead at the scene. The name of the officer who shot Mr. Clemmons was not released; he will be placed on administrative leave until a hearing on the use of force is held. The officer says the he ask Mr. Clemmons to put his hands up, Mr. Clemmons had a lengthy criminal history, including pending felony charges of raping a 12-year-old relative and assaulting police officers. Mr. Clemmons was released on bail last week.

I think that the officer did his best to capture the suspect, but who knows what was in his mine. The officer shoot first as explain in the article, but nobody knows what would be the consequences if the officer had let Mr. Clemmons reach his packet. I think is very hard to be a policeman in the U.S.A.  If a policeman uses the force to protect himself he is acting unethical or racist, but if a policeman doesn’t do anything they can get killed.  Even when Mr. Clemmons have criminal record and he has killed four officers few days ago. The policeman who killed Mr. Clemmons is been placed on administrative leave until hearing on the use of force is held. It is crazy to be a policeman when you know that everything can be use against you, even if you try to save your own life not as a policeman but as a man or woman.

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Obama Sets Faster Troop Deployment to Afghanistan

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

 This article is about sending additional American troops to Afghanistan over the next six months, in an effort to reverse the momentum of Taliban gains and create urgency for the government in Kabul to match the American surge with one using its own forces. The American’s is bringing the total of nearly 100,000 troops by the end of May. Discussions focused on a deployment that would take a year, but Mr. Obama concluded that the situation required more sooner. The strategy aims to prevent AL Qaeda from returning to Afghanistan, with the help of Afghan units in an effort to end eight years of frustrating attempts to build them into an independent fighting force. This article strongly says that they want to knock the Taliban back, giving us time and space to build the Afghans up mainly in the security front but also in government and development as well.  The article is also asking our allies that have currently have nearly 40,000 troops in Afghanistan, but European and Canadian officials have said they doubt more troops Mr. Obama will get more than a few thousand more. Mr. Obama in his speech will give a time frame-something Mr. Bush did not do-for when the United States will start pulling the reinforcements out and begin turning over security responsibilities to Afghan forces one province at a time.

I think that this article is a great way for all the Americans families who have some relatives or kids in Afghanistan, because these new troops would create more stability in control of all the territory where the Taliban is located.  In the other hand those families that have kids in the military are worry that their kids would be deported to Afghanistan in the next few months.  As we know is been many Americans fatalities in the Afghanistan war, what Mr. Obama is trying to do as the best for our military people. Train the Afghan people buy giving back their power and responsibilities to the Afghan forces. Faster we train the security of Afghanistan the faster that we would move out of that country.


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Oil Companies Look to the Future in Iraq

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

This article is about the fields of oil that are located in Iraq, many believed that the United States-led invasion because their oil. This article says that companies seem to have calculated that is worth their while to accept deals with limited profit now, in order to cash in on more lucrative development deals in the future. These companies that have entrance to do business  in Iraq don’t worry too much of the profit per-barrel, but their value as an entrance ticket to the oil sector of southern Iraq. Analysts say the deals on three of the country’s top field’s show that Iraq, is on the path to joining the world’s major oil-producing nations. With Iraq producing oil could upset the equilibrium in OPEC and increase tension with the neighboring oil giants Iran and Saudi Arabia. Other development rights to 10 other Iraqi oil fields will be offered to foreign companies at a public action in Baghdad on Dec 11. The auction for the oil fields have come at an awkward time; just months before national elections that could provoke renewed violence or sweep in a new government that could disown the deals. The article also makes clear that Iraq has also been forced to acknowledge that it cannot hope to revive its decrepit oil industry without the money and the technical expertise of the major companies. The three deals already done in Iraq would product in output to 7 million barrels a day, which would move it from the world’s 13th largest producer to the fourth, according to Department of Energy statistics. Iraq has the third largest proven reserves of oil in the world, with about 115 billion barrels, but it does not rank in the top 10 producers.  Because the sanctions were imposed in 1990 iraqi officials said.

This article have positive news for all of us, I believe that the price of oil would decrease for barrel after Iraq start production at full capacity. The OPEC won’t be happy with this news, but the rest of the world will be. I think that the Iraqi people in the long run can be beneficiate for the extraction of oil.  The oil from Iraq would create more jobs, and better economic to locals. This production of oil would open new doors to this country, in the international market.  I don’t think that the United States when to Iraq for oil, because the time in money spend is greater than the benefit in return.  It really doesn’t matter who is helping Iraq to extract their oil what it is important is the benefit that they would have in return.

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Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This article is about the need for Food Stamps, it says that the need for food stamps have growing at record highs. A program once scorned as a failed welfare scheme now helps feed one in eight Americans and one in four children. This article recognize the millions of jobs lost and major industries , Americans array of government aid- including unemployment insurance, food stamps and cash welfare- is being tested as never before. It is the worst economic crisis in decades it has grown so rapidly in places that in some places as ordinary as the groceries it buys. More than 36 million people use food stamps for staples like milk, bread, and other products to try to survive. It also says that many Americans income in near or below the federal poverty line, longtime recipients of welfare checks and workers whose reduced hours or slender wages leave pantries bare. It doesn’t matter the size of the counties it says that is calculated half of the size of each county survive with food stamps. This article explains the record growing of food stamps in all the counties, the respond of the program has been tremendous. This is the most urgent time in our lifetime; with the exception of the Depression it’s time to acknowledge there are hungry people.

Personally I think that this crisis is happened now, because the bad management that we had for the last few years in America. Now all we can do is try to survive this crisis.  The big unemployment has caused many Americans to ask the Government for help. The Government is helping the American people with food stamps; this program is helping more Americans than ever. The depression is a very hard time for anybody; I think that the Government is doing a good job on helping the American people in this time of crisis. Food stamps don’t get any American richer, but makes us all believe that better times would come. 


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November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This article is about Dubai’s faltering finances sent shudders throughout the world, thought the impact was perhaps most felt in London. The London banks were the banks that had loan more money to the emirate. The article says that HSBC, Standard Chartered and Barclays have some of the biggest exposure to the financially strapped emirate. Now, those banks that pulled in millions of dollars in fees financing those ventures may be forced to take billions of dollars in write-downs on those loans. According to the Bank of international Settlements (via Alphaville) foreign banks have more than $ 123 billions of dollars in write-downs on those loans. The article also says that the default is about $ 15 billion, but not all of the emirate federation’s debt face default: much of it belongs to Abu Dhabi, whose oil supplies make it financially stronger. It is unclear whether the banks sold off their loans, distributing them to investors around the world. That may leave others, including smaller banks, hedge funds and private equity firms, in the lurch if Dubai’s investment arms topple.

Actually Dubai’s start over building properties in their own land without thinking of the stability of the world economic, I think that the problem when to far because they knew about the world recession and they ignored the consequences of bad international economic. It doesn’t matter if you have the best of the best properties if the economic is not stable, no reasonable person would buy a property with this kind of economic. Also the banks have some fault, they loan too much money to one area.  Now the banks would have to lose some profits, the only affected would be the private sector. Now all the debt would be dividing between all the investors, the only problem is that some investors had put their live savings in these banks.  I think that is unmoral to take advantage of investors because you want to created in empire without thinking of the consequences.

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Black Friday: Debit card ‘don’ts’

November 14, 2009 Leave a comment


This article is about the use of debit cards on Black Friday, the most recent consumer credit report show the debit cards are been use more than credit cards. Experts are forecasting debit card transactions to surge even further, the article wants to inform the debit cards not always work great . This Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping; consumers are trying to keep credit card balance low, for this reason the use of debit cards have increased. This article also says that debit cards are not much different from carrying cash. Experts do think it’s best to leave your debit card at home on Black Friday, with retailers trying to take advantage by supporting the use of debit cards for this holiday. The article also would explain how you can keep it safe. Unlike transactions made by cash or credit cards, debit cards return won’t work the same way while is in dispute on purchase articles. The reason is because debit cards are fall under Federal Reserve Board Regulation E, which makes them instantaneous transactions with third parties. Debit cards won’t receive any money back instantaneous like credit cards of cash, until the dispute is resolved. Make sure to keep all the received if you pay with debit cards, it won’t speed up a refund, but would make it easier. Pay with a debit card is the same as pay with cash why not to save yourself a headache in pay cash. Unlike credit cards your bank isn’t monitoring your spending, it means if your debit card is used suspiciously or appears to be stolen your bank won’t shut down our debit card.

I think the used of debit cards is not necessary, if the amount of money you want to spend is minimum. As we know people wants to expend more debit than credit for reason already mention in the article.  If you are the persons who buy in check later, maybe a debit card is not for you. If you return the purchase article in you want to used your own money for another article, maybe you would find out that your cash is been hold by the retail store. Why not pay with cash in get your money back right of way. Another reason for the use of cash instead of debit card is that we really don’t know how much cash exactly we have left in the bank. If you balance is low in you spend more than the amount that you have left on the bank, the bank won’t freeze your account. The reason for the bank not to freeze your account is very simple, if you overcharge your account. The bank would make extra money for every purchase that you make, by doing this the bank can make a lot of profit with a single person. Imagine if many people overcharge their accounts, how much the bank can make in one day. Also the bank has the choice of which payment do first, so if you do 10 purchases in your last purchase is the same amount that you have on the bank. You might think the you would be overcharge for the last payment; in you can pay it later because you use the method of credit card. The bank can choose to pay the highest amount first in you would be overcharge not one time, but you would be overcharge 9 times. Each time you would pay the feet of overcharge, if you have purchase 10 items you can pay 9 overcharge instead. For this reasons, i think that the use of debit cards are not so sweet as sound by many people.

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