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December 2, 2009 3 comments

FacebookThis article is in line with our discussion of advertising and its positive effects.  One company in Sweden decided that instead of promoting their new business by paying another advertising company, they would use facebook to do it all.  As you know, facebook cost nothing and anyone can have a page for free.  This company saw this potential lead and took off with it.  By using facebook, they made videos of their store, merchendise, and customer service.  Facebook was an easy route to lead them to thousands of friends.  Their biggest advantage was that the people online could see what they were going to buy before they went to the store for free.  Also, potential customers could place orders online at no cost and just go to the store to receive them which made buying so simple.

This company had a great approach to reaching a new market.  Advertising can be very costly and can be misleading as we saw in the pictures our professor brought to class.  By using facebook, nothing was misleading and the videos showed exactly what they had to offer.  all advertising was completely legal and true, which is why the company  is now a success.

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Why Big Shopping Bargins Are Bad News For America

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Here, the recent bargains of black friday shopping are looked at as something different from great savings and how the negatively affect America.  It is surprising to find that most people would ratherr pay a little more than less so that those we made the products and those who sale the products can also benefit.  The writers of this article did a survey to find out exactly that, that most people would rather pay a little more and have everyone benefit.  The writer states his hypothesis very well.  If stuff cost more, we are forced to buy less and that is just the demand curve in action.  But he contradicts it by saying if we are forced to buy fewer things then maybe we will break it down mentally and know that the way to happiness is to buy more.  When low-cost is the main concentration point, quality and service go downhill.  From that, it is known that people would rather pay  more for a good product than to pay less and get ripped.

Capitalism is very predominate in this situation because those who control the prices control the quality of the goods.  But it is also known that if people are left to purse their own interest, they will without intending to do it produce the greatest good for all.  And that is the only justification for the communist market.  I do agree with the author’s hypothesis and it makes sense to me.  90% of Americans do look for more possessions as happiness and this will lead to a buying increase.Shopping

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Obama’s Mistakes

November 30, 2009 1 comment

This Mistakes article is focusing on all the troubles that Obama has had to this date and the most recent mistakes that he has been criticized for.  Evidently, those who voted for Obama are now wandering if he was the right choice.  All the promises he made and things he would change have yet to be seen in most eyes.  Mostly, the recent events that Obama did not attend are brought up and stated that he should attend.  The Berlin Wall’s 20th anniversary was recently and he did not attend.  According to the press, he did not show enough morning when the Fort Hood shooting took place and did not show his remorse for the victims like a president should.  Another event that took place was the Asia conference were he did not come back with any conclusions or resolutions.  The people of America are looking at him now in a different view.  They want to see the changes he made and want him to be a president of loving and caring for the people of his country.

I was not a huge fan of Obama during the elections, but did like what he said he was going to do with our nation.  Obama has done a few things that w=he said he was going to do during the election.  Obama is only one person though, and he cannot do everything overnight.  One man can only do so much at one time for such a large group of people.  Some look at this whole situation like criticism on human nature; concentrating on profit and the good for one.  This is the wrong way to look at it because Obama is doing what he can do at the time and am sure he will do more.

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Swimming Pool Racism

November 18, 2009 2 comments

Swim ClubA Pennsylvania swim club has filed for bankruptcy due to past money problems.  The swim club filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy on Tuesday, an assistant form the clerk’s desk stated.  This particular swim club has had previous troubles with racism on their premises.  The racism effected the swim club by lowering the attendance and membership of those who were affected by the racism.  The club’s employees cancelled a contract for 65 children to be allowed on their premises, which most were minorities.  It is believed that the club did not want the young kids their because it would have hurt their reputation they thought.  Now their reputation is gone and they face no longer being in business.  Kids who were discriminated against were of the black and hispanic races, and they made statements saying that the club members and employees had said racist comments to them.  The club did not want their older members feeling as if their belongings might be tampered with or stole from them, so this is why it is thought that the club discontinued their contract.  The club’s director, John Duesler stated that the children were changing the atmosphere and complexion of the club and that is why their privileges were revoked.  It is expected that further investigation will continue in order to repair the feelings of those who were hurt.

From my stand point, i do belive the director discontinued the contract because he did not want to lose the senior members of the club who spend more money on drink and food.  SInce the club is not solely for the senior, i do not think they have the right to discontinue the contact, and i also believe this is immoral.  Immoral because of their thoughts and actions towards the children just so the club can remain being seen as prestige.  To me, this sounds like the paradox of hedonism, or the paradox of selfishness because the director is only concerned with one certain group of people.

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Us and China’s Waste

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

US and China China and the United States are the world’s largest producers of greenhouse gasses.  On Tuesday, Obama met with Jintao to fight climate change and creat energy off of their gasses.  By using new technologies that were developed just for this purpose, the two countries will work together to reduce carbon emissions into our air.  China has agreed to spend millions on a clean energy research center that would allow for the two countries to create new ways of reducing emissions.  Obama believes that this action will be immediate and does so because of the severe risk our climate is at.  The two presidents are not focusing on just their actions, but want to have a pack made in the upcoming years.  This pact will include at least 191 countries in what is called the Copenhagen summit.  Further countries will be encouraged to practice the same measures to reduce the risk of complete climate change.

This change for the two countries is a positive one that will have great effects on our climate.  The notion that the US and China have agreed to make will hopefully influence the other 191 countries to practice the same measures.  THis action comes into effect with our text of talking about the story of the commons, but in a little different area. If all countries were to ignore the need for safer emissions, we would use our air space as a pollution area.  This would then  lead to detrimental effects on our climate.  People need to recognize the need for safer emissions and understand how little changes can provide us with a better world to live in.

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Tax Fairness

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Tax Fairness

 This article is concerning president Obama’s tax proposal.  This proposal was concerned with tax cuts the lower and middle class families and more taxes for the higher income working people.  Obama wanted to let the tax cuts expire for those families that made over $250,000 per year and extend them to those who made less and were in need of money.  William Gale, vice president of economic studies at Brookings Institution did not agree with what the president had to say.  Gale is the main constructor for this interview, who argues against the tax cuts.  Gale believes that since those higher paid people who worked hard for their money, should not have to pay more taxes than those who make less.  Obama believes that by doing this, the tax system and national debt/ revenue will be on a turn around.  Gale believes that by doing this, Obama would be putting our tax system in a bigger whole than it already is.

 I take the side of Gale, by saying that I think everyone should get taxed at the same rate.  Everyone works for their money, some just work harder.  It is not ethical to punish someone for doing something they love and is completely legal.

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November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

JPMorgan Scores Big

 This article focuses on JPMorgan’s rebound since the big bailout plan was executed.  JPMorgan is company that deals with financial investments and lending, who at one time was getting ready to file for bankruptcy.  The bank’s quarterly profits hit all time highs since two years ago when everything fell out of the sky.  JPMorgan states that their profits were driven by a strong performance in its banking investment division.  While the banking investment division is doing so great, large losses continue to climb in the consumer related part of the business.  $3.6 billion was its earnings in the third quarter, but it was projected to be only $2.03 billion.  JPMorgan wants to insure the public that their earnings come from the business, and not from government funding.  

 Yeah I think it is great that JPMorgan has record highs in this last quarter, but I also have doubts.  If it was not for the government funding, this company would be sitting in a world of trouble right now.  They need to credit the government and not relate their earnings strictly to their own doings.  I think this is wrong and unethical because they are lying to the public.

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