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Employers Using Facebook for Background Checks

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

It may be legal, but is it right? Is it fair to say that what people do in their personal life ALWAYS affects someone’s work habits? I can find it understandable if there are nude pictures or proof of drug use this would not be a person you would want to hire, but if there are pictures of someone simply at a bar with a drink in his hand (and he is of age) then there should not be a problem.  Also, employers need to consider that others can post “bad” words or even jokes on their friends’ walls. This doesn’t always mean that what is said is true or even the views of that person whose page its on. It seems to me that people today jump to conclusions and are way to judge mental when it comes to personal networking sites. I think it’s safe to say that most human beings today have branched out, been to a bar, made some sort of mistake, etc. and it’s not fair to make assumptions or judge people only by what is online.

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An Ethical Dilemma

October 15, 2009 1 comment

This article dicusses how the recent “corporate scandals and billion-dollar bankruptcies dominating headlines” are catching schools attention and encouraging them to offer or improve classes on business ethics. It says many schools (like ours) already offer these classes but they now worry that they are not doing a good enough job of it. I found it very interesting that a professor at the University of Maryland requires a field trip in his class to a prison to see where the people committing these ethical crimes end up. I also noticed a good point that the importance of ethics in business is really just coming up now because of all the recent news stories. But there is fear that once all the big headlines start disappearing so will the concern for the importance of these classes.


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Airborne Settles Suit over False Advertising

September 17, 2009 2 comments

Though an older issue, I came across it and remembered the story. The dietary supplement, Airborne, created by a school teacher, originally claimed to be able to prevent and fight off the common cold. After some investigation, it was found that there had never been a scientific experiment to render any evidence that this product could actuallydo as it says. Airborne was sued on the terms of false advertisment. The makers of Airborne would not admit that they did anything wrong, but oddly enough, they paid $23.3 million to settle the suit and offered refunds to anyone who could prove they purchased the product. In addition, they changed the claims on the products box to say “boosts your immune system”. People still swear by the product that it does in fact fight the cold, but others will argue that these people would find the same results from a placebo. I wonder if tests have been done to this supplement to prove anything further. I also feel that the makers of Airborne only had good intentions in selling their product. Some may argue that the false claims were intended to increase sales but I feel that the makers may have just been unaware of all the ins and outs of entering this business. The following link goes into a little more detail.

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