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University closes ethics center amid lapses of people linked to school

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

The above article talks about the recent decision of Washington University to close its Ethics and Human Values center.  In the past month the school has had two of its lecturers become involved in unethical practices that have put a negative spotlight on them.  One member was a former senator Jeff Smith of Missouri and the other Timothy Kukloan an orthopedic surgeon.  Senator Smith acted in an unethical manner by hiding his campaign violations from the government. While Mr. Kuklon skewed research results in favor of the medical company he was working for.

These men were held in high standard by the community enough so that one had been elected to public office to serve the public and make ethical decisions every day. The other was trusted to take care of people and do research that might help society as a whole in the Pharmaceutical industry.  Washington University put their trust in these men to give lectures and teach its students about ethical decision making and their impact on society.

 What is the University to do when its own professors are hypocrites because they do not practice what they preach?  These men made a fool of themselves and gave the University a black eye, which will cost the school a program and future students.  This article shows how when you make unethical decisions it not only affects the person making them, but can also affect countless others. For now the ethics center is closing because it cannot meet its budget for next year.

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