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Wall Street puts holiday parties on ice

December 1, 2009 2 comments

Wall Street puts holiday parties on ice

In years past, Wall Street financial firms have spent tens of thousands of dollars or more (reportedly $1.2 million on one party at Barclays) on lavish holiday parties.  Most financial firms on Wall Street are canceling their plans for holiday parties this year out of fear of the bad press. 

This is great news for once.  These banks many that own millions of dollars to the government are actually doing something to help reduce their unnecessary expenses and pointing them in the right direction of paying off their debt to the American Taxpayers.

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Afghanistan: Pay for it or charge it?

December 1, 2009 1 comment

Afghanistan: Pay for it or charge it?

President Obama announced that he is planning to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan in early 2010 at an expected additional cost of $30 billion per year.  The question arises how to pay for it.  Congress is discussing if they should just charge it like they do everything else or if they should pay for it as they go.

I personally feel that we as Americans should pay our bills as we go, not continue to run up the Government debt that is estimated to be $21 trillion by the year 2019.  Senator David Obey said it best: “Regardless of whether one favors the war or not, if it is to be fought, it ought to be paid for.”

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Mother admits drowning infant, claims mental illness defense

December 1, 2009 7 comments

Mother admits drowning infant, claims mental illness defense

Savannah, Georgia: mother sentenced to 19 months in jail (The time she was in jail waiting for trail) and 30 years probation for drowning her 3 month old child.  Virkisha Warren plead “guilty but mentally ill” to a reduce charge of voluntary manslaughter.

I may be mistaken but I thought the Criminal Justice system was created to put criminals in prison.  How can the judge continue practicing after this?  The woman killed an innocent 3 month old baby.  This child could not even crawl, much less defend itself.  I personally think this case was a good candidate for the death penalty.  Ok judge so if you are going to buy the mental illness story, put the woman in a mental institution for the rest of her life, not out on the street that very same day she is in your court room.  This judge should be removed from the bench.  This is just another example of what the Criminal justice system is today.

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Divided Senate Plunges Into Health Care Debate

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Divided Senate plunges into health care debate

The US President and Congress is trying to force government healthcare on the American public.  This is the United States of America, formed on the basis of democracy and personal freedom.  Although some things need to be socialist in nature, police and fire protection, healthcare is not one of them.  I do not have health insurance currently because quiet simply I am a broke college student who can not afford it.  I do not feel that the American Taxpayers should have to pay for it for me.  Also, I as an American Taxpayer do not feel obligated to pay for anyone else’s health insurance coverage.  The USA is currently in nearly 12 TRILLION Dollars of Debt.  Why does Congress want to add to that unnecessarily?  Eventually, creditors are going to want their money, leaving future generations to either pay off our current debt or to become a second world country because the US Dollar, once the benchmark of World Currency, become completely worthless.

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Working on their laptops, wayward pilots say.

October 26, 2009 2 comments

Working on their laptops, wayward pilots say.

Delta Airlines Pilots Richard Cole and Timothy Cheney allowed their A320 Airbus and 144 passengers to fly 150 miles past their scheduled landing strip. The pilots claim they where trying to learn the airlines new scheduling program on the computer and not paying attention to repeated attempts by Air Traffic Controllers to reach the pilots for over an hour. The incident apparently went so far as to have National Guard planes readied for defense form a terrorist attack and the White House put on alert.

Delta Airlines has suspended the two pilots and the Federal Aviation Administration has warned both Cole and Cheney that their pilots’ licenses could be suspended or revoked. I commend Delta for their actions concerning the pilots and will question the FAA in the future if they do not revoke these pilots’ licenses. The pilots’ are paid very well to protect the public and fly them where they need to go. Both pilots’ have seriously flawed ethics if they believe that this action is justifiable and that they should be allowed to continue flying.

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Sugar cereals are ‘Smart Choices’? FDA not so sure

October 20, 2009 3 comments

Sugar cereals are ‘Smart Choices’? FDA not so sure

According to the FDA, many companies are placing the “Smart Choices” label, a term supposedly meaning the food is a healthy choice, on pretty much anything, including frozen sweet cakes and sugary cereal. The FDA on Tuesday sent out a letter to companies saying that it would begin cracking down on the deceptive labeling. It is unethical for these companies to falsely advertise something as healthy when they know it is not. Many Americans, children and adults, are overweight or obese and need to eat healthier. Many of these same Americans don’t really know much about nutrition and rely heavily on the packaging. I applaud the FDA for trying to control this and hopefully lead America to a healthier future.

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Viral Website Mocks Wal-Mart Customers

September 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Brothers Adam and Andrew Kipple have started the website  Their blogging website publishes photos of “out-of-shape, poorly dressed and otherwise awkward people shopping at Wal-Mart.”

The brothers say they do not publish photos of people with mental illness or simply because they are overweight.  However, how is it ethical to publish photos of people?  I assume it is no different than photographers constantly taking pictures of celebrities, but these are just ordinary people who are trying to doing their grocery shopping and get on with their life.

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