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Would you choose your child’s gender?

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Would you choose your child’s gender?

I thought that this was a very interesting article.  If I needed to have an in-vitro, I think that I may choose the gender of my child. Those procedures are not cheap, costing about $18,000 dollars.  Therefore If I could afford to have this procedure, why couldn’t I choose the gender of my child?  This same concept is used in making sure that the baby hasn’t received any unwanted genes from their parents.  It has become quite interesting the advancements that our society has brought forth.

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Senate health care debate to focus on abortion

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Senate health care debate to focus on abortion

This article is on the subject as to whether health insurance should fund abortions.  When I first read this I did not think that insurances should cover an abortion.  Reading more into the article it explains that they only way insurance will cover abortions is if a woman actually pays her subscriber to cover the costs.  So should insurance companies help fund for abortions??  I guess it depends on whether you are prochoice or prolife.  My personal opinion is that if a woman pays for coverage it is her own choice to pay for what she needs, especially since abortion is legal in most areas.

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Los Angeles Episcopalians elect lesbian bishop

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Los Angeles Episcopalians elect lesbian bishop

This was a very surprising title to come across on  I am a practicing christian and have never known that a woman could be ordained a bishop, let alone a priest.  Rev. Mary Glasspool is elected to become a bishop in Los Angeles.  The controversy is because she is a lesbian.  There have been awful comments about her.  In my mind, I think this is great.  I think that she has a lot of faith, putting her personal life out there knowing that she would definitely have a hard time getting respect.  It’s crazy that this women cannot spend her life with the person she wants to without getting mocked.   I think people are being to harsh on her and should stop being afraid of change.

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Gang rape raises questions about bystanders’ role

October 29, 2009 6 comments

Gang rape raises questions about bystanders’ role

Outside of a high school dance, 15 year old Kitty Genovese was brutaly raped by several gang members.  Even though there were about 20 bystanders, not one person tried to stop it or call the police.

After reading this, I was dumbfounded.  How can anyone watch something so horrible happen and not do anything.  Police were calling this the bystander effect.  I think it’s crazy that they try to categorize these people into a group.  These people are just as much to blame as the people performing the rape.  Just as Kitty’s older brother says,  everyone has a cell phone now a day,  use it.  This poor child will now suffer mental issues from this horrible ordeal that could have possibly been resolved earlier if someone would have acted on it.  Kitty was said to be raped for hours.  HOURS.  Bystanders were laughing and taking pictures.  I’m appalled.  I think that these bystanders should also be charged just as the gang members.

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Health Care Savings

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Health Care Savings

Early this year, the American people were at the polls deciding on their votes for presidency.  For a large number, Americans were persuaded with President Obama’s promise of Health Care Savings which he totaled at approximately $2,500.  Is this number reachable? Was Obama too far fetched?

According to some experts on this matter, the answers to these questions are very vague.  Is this number reachable? Hopefully.  In reading this article, I became a little hasty.  Why would President Obama promise something that he could not accomplish.  Many citizens voted for Obama because of his promises.  Are there any other promises he made that potentially will not come true?  Hopefully not.  How can we be so sure?

We cannot be sure about this number of savings.  With a society that is always undergoing changes, how do we know that our new health care system will work with our society?  There are many variables that depend on these changes.  Health care professionals may disagree with changes, patients may have to pay more now to fund for these changes.  It’s basically a process where we all need to keep our fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, I did not vote for President Obama to now cross my fingers and hope that his devised plan for health savings will work out.  In a way, I almost feel a little cheated.  I guess Americans just have to HOPE and cross their fingers that we will soon see some savings.

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Stem Cell Research with Fat Cells.

September 8, 2009 1 comment

Stem Cell Research wtih Fat Cells.

My thoughts on Stem Cell Research are very strong.  I have always been pro on this matter.  Even though there has been some risks,  I believe that many diseases can ultimately be cured with this research.

After reading this article on,  I started to wonder if this could be a door opened to possible health issues.  Who knew that the excess fat taken out of someone’s body during liposuction could be turned into ISP cells.  I believe that there should be an option for every patient getting liposuction to donate their “fat”  to scientists to help stem cell research.  Even though this is a fairly new concept,  I don’t feel that this could pose a threat to anyone.  These cells can be used to help many different kinds of patients.  Patients that suffer from strokes, and heart-attacks are just two mentioned.  These fat cells can be injected right into your heart or brain and can actually heal the damage that has been done.  In my mind, I think this is a great idea and I don’t see this posing any ethical problems.  Can you?

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