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The Job Market: Is a College Degree Worth Less


The author of this article sites the fact that a bachelor’s degree is no longer sufficent or less sufficent than it once was  to make yourself stand out. Unemployment for grads is close to 11% this may be disturbing to you. The author finds that more students than not only need to but are intending to seek  at education beyond their bachelor’s degree.

My ethical question to this article is what obligation do colleges have to ensure that their students who will need to secure at least a master’s degree to differentiate themselves on the job market. Are able to do so at a resonable cost and in a resonable amount of time. I think with the current trend of business seeking out those who are educated beyond a bachelor’s degree. That colleges have an ethical obligation to streamline a bachelors and masters degree a hybird so to speak which can be achieved in five years or less. So that students with limited resources are not put at a further disadvantge by having to take a job they are over qualified for until they have enough money to get that next degree. I think that I have been forced ot take classes in college that literally offer no advantage to me, they are classes full of busy work that really I gain no useable real world knowledge from. So colleges should eliminate some of these type of courses from their curriculum and add classes that are ment to better prepare students for or are master level courses.

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