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St. James Teacher resigns amid charges


This article is embarrassing to South Carolina’s citizens and schools. A teacher having relations with a 13 year old girl. I wonder how this activity went on for so long with out other staff or students getting wind of it. The author tells us the facts but does not really go in to depth about what can be done to stop this type of thing from happening to our young women in schools.

This behavior is inexcusable and it reminds me of our recent discussion in class where a women is more vulnerable and negatively affected by a relationship with a superior. I wonder if this girl feels to blame for this situation because from my perspective she is a victim and this teacher who confirmed the relationship is a sick predator. I think it is our ethical obligation as a society to make examples out of criminals like this one. In an effort to defer other may be predators who interact with our community’s young people form doing the same thing.

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