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Indiana teen charged with murder forbrother’s death

Indiana teen charged with murder for brother\'s death

This article is about a family from Indiana, in which the older sibling strangled the younger sibling, killing him. What this teen did was wrong, he strangled his younger brother until he became unconscious and then dragged him into the kitchen, where he proceeded, to strangle him some more to make certain he was dead. Then he got a plastic bag and using electrical tape he wrapped the bag around the boy’s head. Then he drove the body to the city park and dumped it there, doing the exact same thing that intentional killers do. Police said themselves that he showed no empathy or remorse for what he had done. He said a tv show, gave him ideas to become a serial killer, if that’s the type of ideas they want kids to perceive from this show that is wrong and “Dexter” should be banned from television stations. It is wrong to take a life and to take the life of your brother is even worse.

When his parents pulled him out of school two weeks ago for destructive behavior, they should have taken him to be evaluated by a therapist. His dreams of being a killer since he was 9, probably were visible, but what parent would want to think of their son as a killer.

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