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Court could rule on Myrtle Beach helmet lawsuits


This article is about lawsuits which have been placed against the city of Myrtle Beach by business owners regarding the ordinances which Myrtle Beach put into law during the last bike week. Business believe the city has no right to make laws like this that are obviously intended to deter the amount of people that will come for the bike rallies.

I think the city has every right to make a helmet law. With that said I do not think the formers of the helmet law intended to protect the motorcyclist and their families who would be impacted if a rider was in an accident with out a helmet. They obviously formed this law to ruin bike week. I believe it is unethical to pass a law which is intended to protect individuals, families, and socity against the burdens which may come as a result of a rider being injured buring an accident with out a helmet. When the true intent of the law was to deter individuals from visting for the rallies. The rallies have been a huge money maker for the strand. And there are families who have built business to specifically serve this demographic visitors. So is it ethical for law makers to pass laws aimed at reducing the amount of people coming for rallies?

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  1. courtnei86
    December 8, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    The City of Myrtle Beach should have made a helmet law. With all the bickers that come to the beach for bike rally’s something needed to be done. There have been numerous wrecks each year. Of course everyone knows bikes are dangerous but maybe the helmet could prevent some injuries. I don’t think the law was put into place to deter bikers from coming to the rallies. Is it really that big of a deal to wear a helmet? I think they should just obey the law and have fun riding.

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