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Check Yourself Out

This article is a type of test everyone should take.  Instead of always looking at other people and judging them you should take a look at yourself sometimes.  This test is a list of unethical actions.  After reading each question you should think back over the past few months to see if you committed that action.  For most of the question many people do these things without thinking twice about it.  Although, when you really sit down and think about it all these actions are unethical.  Of course most people see these things as a small unethical act that really does not matter.  Should all unethical acts be seen as equally bad.  In my opinion all unethical act are bad.  The small unnoticed unethical act may lead to big unethical act.  So take the quiz and see how you do.


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  1. bnjoe
    December 8, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    This quiz was very beneficial it will show you thinks about yourself that you did not know. If you think you are mostly an ethical person take the quiz, it will show you different. I agree with you when you say all unethical acts are bad no matter how big or small, doing something unethically is doing it unethically, and it all goes back to the saying wrong is wrong is wrong is wrong.

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