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Bidders begin in big delinquent tax sale


This article discuss the process a property and it’s owners go through when deliquent taxes are owed by owner of the property. It is a sad thing that these people may potentially lose their property but galdly this is rarely the case.  However Horry county unlike prior years expects to end up with properties to sell at the end of the year.

This got me thinkin about the governments right to take a persons home over deliquent houses. I concluded that the government has every right to do this and in fact is obligated to do so. Sure I think there  should be some restrictions such, as if illness is preventing someone from being able to pay their taxes than maybe they should get some type of an extension. But if the government were not able to take steps to getting their owed money then why would people continue to pay taxes. Taxes that are used to provide roads, infrastructure, police, and educational services. How do ya’ll feel about the governments ability to take your home for deliquent taxes.

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