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Unemployed facing Health Care Shortage

This article explores the economic impact that the govt. subsidy for health care has for the unemployed.  At the end of the month the subsidy will end and health care costs for the unemployed will go up dramatically.  On average it would go from around 300 to 1000 a month.  Also, at 1000 a month it is 83% of the unemployed monthly income.  This would make health care virtually unaffordable for the unemployed and many would drop to uninsured status. There are current bills trying to be passed to extend the coverage an additional 6 months.

I think this is just another example of why the governments needs a drastic overhaul of the American health care system.  Not necessarily a dramatic change to universal health care, but some uniform system that takes eliminates the large gaps in coverage. People should have security as human beings that they know they will be able to afford and obtain health coverage despite there economic or social backgrounds and situations.

The Article can be found here.

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