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SNL Tiger Woods Parody

Over the weekend Saturday Night Live did a parody of the Tiger Woods scandal that had one of the cast members depicted as a physically abused Tiger Woods beside his wife.  Many are saying this was in bad taste because the guest was Rhiana who was a recent victim of domestic abuse.

In my mind, the skit wasn’t completely in bad taste.  Celebrities are criticized very often for their transgressions.  However, I think this shows some gender bias here because of the topic of discussion.  It is perceived as funny that male is physically abused in today’s culture.  If the roles were reversed there would be no laughing point for such an incident.   SNL should have probably not made light of what really is a sensitive subject.  Also, the fact that their musical guest was recently abused raises more concern to the thought process of SNL producers for allowing a skit on such a sensitive subject.

The article can be found here.

The Skit can be found here.

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