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Rat Risotto

On a recent episode of  “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” contestants were served rat risotto as one of the challenges.  The production team, killed, skinned, and cooked the rats to serve to contestants.  The team said they inquired health and safety officials to ensure the rats were safe to eat, but did not check the legality of actually killing the rats.  Now two the producers in charge of the show are being charged with animal cruelty, a charge that could carry a sentence of three years in prison.

I question the charges ethical base.  The animals were rats and in most societies aren’t seen as having any value, but instead are viewed as a menace to society.  Accordingly, many people around the world kill these creatures with crude traps and poisons that could be seen as even more cruel.  I think that since the rats were actually eaten there is no issue with animal cruelty.  If they were simply killed and only used for entertainment value there would be cause for concern.  Also, to put someone in prison for the death of an animal that most people disgust seems to be a bigger tragedy than the death of the a rodent in the first place.

The article can be found here.

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