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Health Care Comparisson

In this article, Senate majority leader Harry Reid has been quoted comparing those opponents of the Health Care bill as the same people that were slow to back the ending of slavery, women suffrage, and civil rights.  Senator Reid characterized the GOP opponents saying they have the same response to any major reform, “slow down now isn’t the time for such radical change.”

I believe Senator Reid’s words do hold some validity.  However, the issue at hand isn’t a universal right or wrong type issue like the ones he names historically.  No one really knows the absolute best way to handle a government ran health care system of if is the best solution to the country’s current health care crisis.  So many people are affected by such legislation that I think it is necessary that we don’t take drastic measures to fix the entire system in one swift action.  This topic deserves to take a slow down and I don’t think Senator Reid can blame opponents of the bill for wanting to do so as long as they realize that some action needs to be taken to address the health care crisis.

The article can be found here.

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