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Unethical Mayor in Baltimore

Unethical Mayor

The mayor of Baltimore, Sheila Dixon, does not seem to hold business ethics very highly. She was convicted of taking gift cards that were planned to be for the cities poor. Dixon was acquitted of the felony theft charge however the question here is whether the conviction could force her out of her position. The article states that Dixon spent about $630 on electronical items that she purchased from best buy. There were also a couple of other charges listed.

The stealing of these gift card for personal use is neither moral of ethical. As the mayor of one of Marylands biggest cities, she should be upholding high standards of business ethics that all citizens can follow. In the case, Dixon argues that a romantic interest delivered the gift cards to her anonymously. Either way the fact that they could have been stolen and misused is completely inappropriate. Residents of Baltimore have got to be asking what other corrupt practices she is partaking in and what she is doing under the rader. Should she be allowed to stay in office based on her previous history? Some say no but many still continue to follow and support her.

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  1. srbrown2010
    December 6, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    What the mayor did was unethical because she took something that did not belong to her. What makes it even worse is that the gift cards were supposed to go to the poor and she used them for her on personal use. I feel that her morality will be questioned from now on because of this accusation and she will have to go above and beyond to prove herself worthy of her mayor role.

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