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Is Adam Lambert a ‘Role Model’ or ‘Nightmare’?

American Idol Finalist Adam Lambert, put on quite the show at the American Music Awards. “I could be somebody’s role model, but on the flip side I could be somebody’s worst nightmare at the same time,” the singer tells. His provocative performance led to ABC cancelling his interview.

Some say this was completely inappropriate for television and some say this is an expression of his music. Was ABC in the right  to cancel his interview? This situation raises quite the controversy. I think there are some things that are appropriate for television and i think this was quite extreme. Sure he is expressing himself, but this was not appropriate for live television. Some of his actions were meant to be shared in the privacy of his home or anywhere else that is not live television. Comments?



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  1. tasingle
    December 6, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    I completely support ABC for pulling his interview. Some of the trash we see with musicians today is completely un-called for. This is a direct reflection of what the music industry has come to. 30-40 years ago music actually meant something. The thing that bothers me the most is that people listen to this stuff when there are so many groups and individuals out there that actually have a good message & do things the right way. The group My Morning Jacket comes to mind with their lead singer Jim James. He regularly contributes to a wide range of charities among other things yet popular society would rather focus on those like Adam Lambert or Lady Gaga as industry role models.

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