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Gates call July 2011 the Beginning, not end, of Afghan withdrawal

Defense secretary, Robert M. Bates, said that July 2011 will be when a handful of troops will be withdrawing from Afghanistan. More troops will leave after this date if the military commanders believe that the area is secure enough for troops to leave after this. According to Gates,this will be a slow process. The whereabouts of Osama bin Laden are unclear and seem to have been this way for the past three years or so. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is also on board with this plan. They both believe that the increase of troops that President Obama recently ordered will assist in making the withdrawal easier because the enemy will be more easily contained. Mr. Gates said that the country should expect an increase in casualties in the near future but over time this will decrease as security grows.

I believe that this plan will work and although the casualty number may rise soon the outcome will be a safer community for both U.S. citizens and Afghan citizens. This creates a greater utility than keeping the troop number the same and continuing the war. This war has continued for over 8 years now and it is time for it to end so that lives do not have to continue to be lost in war.

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