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Comcast aquires NBC, possible monopoly brewing?

This articles discusses the acquisition of NBC by Comcast from General Electric.  With the purchase Comcast has become a larger jugernaut in the cable providing business.  However, there are concerns being raised that Comcast could restrict cable providers from airing NBC programs or charge high prices to these providers.  There is govt. legislation that restricts these type of practices.  There are many skeptics of the purchase and the viability of the deal being profitable for Comcast.    The deal gave Comcast control of NBC network and the NBC universal film studio.  One critic of the deal claims it will lead to higher prices and fewer sources for unique content and innovation.

I believe the deal between Comcast and GE will be a success for everyone. The governmental regulations in place should protect the consumers and other businesses from unfair practices.  Furthermore, Comcast wouldn’t risk their reputation and economic value by acting in monopolistic fashion.


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  1. srbrown2010
    December 6, 2009 at 11:46 pm

    I agree that this will be a good acquisition for both companies and with the regulation there would not be an opportunity for unfair practices.

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