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Business Ethics in College Curriculum

With the downfall of many “successful” companies being linked to a lack of business ethics, many people in the collegiate business environment believe courses in ethics, sustainability, and CSR should be more prevalent in today’s scholastic environment. The article mentions that when today’s business leaders were studying for their MBAs, there was a severe lack of emphasis on training in business ethics. The article mentions surveys given to alumi, students, and senior managers that agree there is a need for a greater emphasis on the growing issues of business ethics in bachelor and MBA programs


I believe that there is a need for additional courses that offer knowledge in ethical business practices. As the future leaders in business, it is essential that we have this knowledge because we will have the responsibility of building and rebuilding a economic environment that prospers while operating with highest ethical standards.

  1. December 21, 2009 at 3:20 am

    I think you’re right that there should be more emphasis on Business Ethics. The financial meltdown the continued profit and success of the perpetrators will cause moral dilemmas for virtually all students. However, let me make a proposal. Why don’t we divide Business Ethics into parts, social responsibilty and ethical judgment. There should be two classes one dealing with business and larger society and the other with doing the right thing. jp

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