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Baucus admits he nominated girlfriend for U.S. Attorney


Democratic Senator Max Baucus of Montana recently admitted to nominating a woman who he had a romantic relationship with, for U.S. Attorney. Melodee Hanes was nominated for U.S. Attorney by Baucus while they were developing the romantic relationship. When it became apparent that a problem could surface because of their increased involvement with one another, Hanes decided it best to withdraw her name for the position. It is worth noting that Hanes resume is filled with a background that made her more than qualified to do the job. Although this is the case, Hanes definitely made the right decision to take her name out of the running. This situation is merely a conflict of interest that could have very easily been avoided had to two taken their professional careers into more consideration before becoming romantically involved. There are too many horror stories involving politics and romantic relationships to risk the positions they have no doubt worked very hard to get to. On the other hand there is also an issue of sexism in this situation. The question must be asked, “Why should a female give up her nomination for a male dominated position merely on the basis of her relationship with another person in the field?” If the shoe were on the other foot would things be any different? I see the issue here, but Hanes is ultimately responsible for putting herself into this predicament.

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