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Universities try to cover up rapes

This article talks about some unethical practices that many universities conduct in order to retain their image. Particularly, the report was issued which showed that about 33 women that have been interviewed were sexually assaulted on the universities campuses and were not able to succeed in pursuing criminal charges. Many of them were actually advised by school administrators not file any complaints, and some of them were offered “off-the-record” arrangements. I think it is very unethical and wrong from the school administrative systems try to cover up rapes and assaults in order to maintain its respectable image, rather than to admit the failure of its regulation system and try to improve the situation. All those women are going through emotional breakdown and depression and are deprived from looking for a justice. And all those new student females can be sexually assaulted in the futurel since no one does anything. It’s just so wrong….

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