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Murder Suspect Dances In New Jail House Video

                This article is about a man named James Ward who was accused of murdering his wife in Orange County. This man dialed 911 and told them that he had shot his wife in their bedroom and then changed his story stating that it was suicide. The article here questions his actions in a jailhouse visit from his daughters. The article states that he was dancing and doing a striptease for his daughters. The media can choose to record these jailhouse visits and show them on national cable whenever they choose to and there is another one coming out with in the week.

                In all honesty why does the media question this mans actions with speaking to his 2 daughters. At a gloomy time for all of them it seems to me that he could be trying to take his daughters minds of the situation and let them see that he is doing alright. This man is a father and cares for his children. A parent does not want their children to see them in distress. I understand using these jailhouse visit videos to maybe find more further evidence, but overall I think they should let this man be and deal with his situation.

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