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Is Money Tainting the Plasma Supply?


This article is over the debate of poorer Americans and Mexicans having to depend on being paid to give blood donations every week. Some people have to do what is necessary to make ends meet. The American government is questioning why pharmaceutical companies are paying these under priveleged people $30 per visit while companies are making $300 off of them. Some claim that we should be depending on using the under-priveleged’s blood due to higher usages of drug abuse.

I have 2 views on this article. First I believe that these disadvantage people should have the privelege of recieveing money for their blood donations. It can make a difference in their lives and help keep them end their families alive. It can be considered another form of unemployment money for some. I understand the concern because of the higher usage of drugs, but if that is the case doctors should come up with a better way of cleaning the blood donations so they are not dangerous to use. See how much the pharmacy companies make selling drugs and other products is unreal. We all know they make tremendous profits, but something is being done about that in our government today. Whether we like it or not universal health care is eventually going to be put into effect in America. This will have an affect on the pharmacuedical companies prices and ultimately let the government control these prices.

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  1. twinpate
    December 7, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Giving blood/plasma saves lives. The nation has been in situations where they have had great shortages in blood supply. If the govt. allows for people to be paid in order to reach quotas I see no problem with buying a renewable resource for people, and in return this is helping those patients that are in dire need of the blood.

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