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Iran Will Not Quit Treaty, Its Nuclear Chief Asserts


This article is about Irans defiance of the United Nations by stating they are going to commense construction on 10 uranium enriched facilities. They agreed to a treaty with the U.N. to stop the building of these facilities. They claim they will have these facilities up and running in 6 months when at the same time their first facility hasnt even began working yet and it has been 2 years.

I think the Iranian government is trying to cause some attention for themselves. They know that the U.N. is breathing down heavy on them to stop their nuclear weapons project. If they continue to build these nuclear facilities it would force U.N. forces to go into Iran and over take those facilities and most likely the Iranian governement. This could ultimately spark a huge war and should be taken very seriously. Pre-caution should be taken at every measure to try and prevent a war from occurring.

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