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.Brooke Astor’s son: I’m too sick to be imprisoned


Brooke Astor an 85 year old man is trying to fight off a prison sentence claiming that any sentence for him will be a death setence due to his old age. He is being accused for First degree Larceny that can last up to 25 years long. He is accused of being money hungry and couldnt wait for his 105 year old mother to die back in 2007 in order to inherit her money. He called many of his “high class” friends to write letters to the judge and persuade him to let Brooke stay out of jail stating he is too sick to go to jail.

Personally I think this man should go to jail. He should have to pay for his actions no matter what the consequence should be. Everyman is created equally and why should they be prosecuted differently due to their age if past the age of 18? This is a question of morality in this situation. On one side the man clearly deserves to be sentenced to prison due to his crimes. On ther side he is an old man with poor health and has a good chance of not being able to survive in prison. Both sides have valid arguments.

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