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All-inclusive resorts demystified


When the term “All-inclusive resort” comes to mind what does one think? They think that they’re getting an all paid for vacation. They think by paying whatever amount it is to the resort will include all they’re meals and drinks as well as other accomodations. This articles informs us on how some “all inclusive resort’s” may decieve us.

As these resorts “decieve” they’re customers do you think this is an ethical decision? Personally I do not. Maybe if a local resort is trying to make a quick buck than yes it is ethical. But if this resort is trying to make a name for itself and attract future customers as well as bring back customers this is not an ethical decision. They need to inform their customer that not everything they do is going to be paid for or come up with a plan for customers to pre-pay for any event they plan to attend or take part of.

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