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South Africa: Govt serious about tackling corruption

This is an article that focuses on South Africa and the housing delivery business.  The houses that were being built for the citizens were not safe to live in and people were dying because their house would collapse.  According to the article 40,000 houses had to be destroyed because of bad workmanship.  The building standards for the houses were approved by government officials.  Also, so far there have been 800 government officals who have gotten into serious trouble for having houses and subsidies they should not have had.

The moral issue in this article is that government officials are living in safe houses but approving houses that are dangerous for people to live in.  They are making money off of the poor and disadvantaged people in South Africa.  The corruption is out of control and the goverment officials care more about money than the safety of their own people.  Several people have died because their houses have collapsed while they were in them.  This is terrible and it is sad that government officials who have taken part in this corruption care more about making money than the lives of their citizens.

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