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Should I Lie to Help the Company?

This article deals with a case in which a publishing company had been stuggling for years and the company was getting desperate for business.  They boss told the employees that he wanted them to go online to the website and write false reviews for the company to make them look good.  One employee pointed out in a meeting that he didnt feel this was the right thing to do because even though he liked most of the books they published he didnt like all of them and would not recommend one he himself didnt like.  Also that it was against the website’s policy to write fake reviews and that even if they did write fake reviews whose to say it would really make a difference.  After letting his boss know how he felt, the boss indicated he could be in trouble if he didnt comply with the plan.

I feel the employee did the right thing by standing up for what he believes.  Even if he got into trouble with the boss he would not have a guilty conscious for lying to potential customers.  It was wrong for the boss to even ask the employees to do someting like this and should not have been surprised when someone objected to the idea.

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