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CDC Warns of Fake H1N1 Flu Scam E-Mails

CDC Warns of Fake H1N1 Flu Scam E-Mails

This article is about a recent internet scam about the H1N1 flu vaccine.  There have been several different scams created by hackers that ask people to create a personal vaccination profile on the CDC web site.  However, the CDC does not have any such program, and the personal data is being used by hackers to spread computer viruses.  Therefore, the CDC is informing the public that they should not give out any personal data or respond to any e-mails that claim to have connections to the CDC.

The main ethical issue here is that the hackers are using the fear caused by a national pandemic to take advantage of people and pursue their own self interests.  It is certainly immoral to attempt to cause harm to others by spreading computer viruses.  However, it is even more unethical to take advantage of people who are in fear of the H1N1 pandemic.  Therefore, I hope that these hackers are found and punished for attempting to take advantage of so many innocent people.

R. Brow

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  1. mauiwowie1
    December 5, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    People should not fall for these types of scams. If people are that scared of the swine flu then they should contact the CDC to see if this messege was sent by them and not a scam or just stop by a health clinic. On the other hand these hackers need to be punished for taking advantaged of the people and for spreading computer viruses.

  2. courtnei86
    December 8, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    The swine flu has caused a big scare this year, from people dying to people extremely sick in the hospital. Since kids are more prone to get the virus parents are in a panic to keep their kids from getting sick. If a parent is that worried they should seek the advice of a family doctor or clinic. People should never give out personal information that is requested through an email because 9 times out of ten it is a scam.

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