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An education in student loans

Student Loans

“College degrees are supposed to last a lifetime, but should tuition loan payments?” This is a statement that students are all too familiar with and afraid to believe. What some students are not aware of while taking out a student loan is the amount of interest and how high that interest rate is. Most of the interest rates on student loans range differetly from school to school but the average is 18%!!! This is a high interest rate especially because the loanees are aware that you won’t pay that loan back on graduation day and students take a lot of money out on loan for their tuition. This article speaks on behalf of a student who is facing the high interest rate on his student loan and how other student loan companies are attempting to resolve this issue. Doesn’t the economy see the struggle young people are having? Why can’t student loan companies realize that charging that high of an interest rate is ridiculous. I love it how the loan companies bank on students getting “high-paying” jobs the day after they graduate college to pay off that student loan. I know going to college can’t be free but tuition alone is so pricy! Maybe if tuition wasn’t as high there would be less students taking out loans. Can the student loan companies use some common sense here please!!!

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