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Probe into KY census worker’s death concludes

Probe into KY census worker’s death concludes

A census worker in Kentucky was found dead, hanging from a tree with the word “fed” written on his chest in pen, he was not clothed and was bound with duck tape with his identification card taped to his neck. Although the case is still under investigation federal and state investigators have not decleared the cause of death to be a homicide, suicide or accident. Because he was a census employee the family would have been eligible for up to $10000 in death gratuity payments if he was killed on the job.This particular man was also a substitute teacher and was currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. I honestly don’t see someone doing this to themself(suicide) but the fact that if he didnt do it to himself then who would do something like that to another human? It was a disturbing and upsetting article to read especially because the man was just doing his job. what’s next, are we going to read about a girl scout being missing or killed for going door-to-door? I can’t seem to see the killers theory of killing an innocent census employee, maybe just because of our country’s economic state someone feels that an employee at the census is the cause because they work for the “fed”?

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