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NFL Concussions

‘Tough’ issue: Concussion efforts by NFL face hurdles

This article discusses the recently rising issues of concussions in the NFL and the new rules they are trying to implement to protect players. It is expected for NFL players to be tough and play hurt and take beatings that regular people are not expected to take. It is an honor to be drafted into the league and because of this players who suffer concussions are pressured to play before completely healed and many lie about lingering symptoms to do so.

On the other hand, because of this strain on the players, the NFL feels it need to put rules in place to protect the players from feeling the stress of returning before completely symptom free. They just put a rule in place that a player with a concussion can not return into that game and another rule in place that the player can not play in the next game either. The real question is should the NFL tell players when and when not they can play?

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