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Heroes of the Environment 2009

Takashi Yabe and his team of scientist have developed a process to turn magnesium retrieved from the ocean into a viable energy source, which would reduce our growning dependence on fossil fuels. This man and many of the scientist that work along side him have devoted many years of their lives to developing such a technology. Their process uses lenses and lasers  to harness the suns energy to bring the magneium to the necessary tempature at which it is considered refined. To me this technology is quite amazing and I personally can not wait to be able to run my vechicle or home for that matter, without releasing pollutants into the atmosphere.

This article is titled Heroes of the Environment 2009, so do you think these gentlemen are heros or were they just doing their jobs? I think as a global society we all have an interest in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels which are so damaging to the atmosphere. I think we all have a duty to support government spending on technologies which will make this possible.


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