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Concentrated Solar Power

In this article there is another technology which I have not heard of which is similar to the idea behind solar power however instead of  a solar panel. Mirrors are used to capture the sun’s heat which becomes steam that can be transferred to power electric turbines.  This technology could replace traditional power plants,  and or solar panel fields do to a lower cost of construction.

This article informs us that today less than 12% of the energy used in America today is generated from alternative sources. I believe it is our country’s obligation to commit to replacing non-sustainable energy souces with renewable energy sources as soon as possible.  It is our duty to leave our planet better off than the way we found it for future generations. Future generations should not bear the burden of dealing with decresing fossil fuel reserves and a declining environment do to our mismanagement and lack of action.


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  1. dpinz
    December 3, 2009 at 9:54 am

    I have to agree with the article about the use of alternative sources of energy. The way we use energy now created too much pollution to the environment. If we start using alternative sources of energy, I would think that the pollution levels would reduced. How can we spend billions of dollars on research in NASA or Military, why not use few of does dollars in research for better energy.

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