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Tiger Woods’ ‘transgressions’ having no effect on his endorsements


Tiger Woods has recently been caught up in a crazy love triangle that has many people questioning the golf superstar’s credibility. His sponsors however are not asking the same questions. Out of Tigers $117 million he made last year only $7.7 of it came from actually playing golf. It seems that Tigers sponsors need him more than he needs them though. Tiger is the lead spokesperson for the majority of his endorsements. He is the sole reason that Nike is the leading golf apparral producer, and he also can be seen in just about every airport in America for his ads for Accenture.

So what does this say about corporate America? I believe that it says that there is no room for morality in business. This is a man who has allegedly cheated on his wife with three different woman and companies such as Nike, Gatorade, and Gillette have expressed there full support for Tiger and his “family”. I dont think that Tigers family has any kind of support in the matter. These businesses are just looking out for their wallets rather than their image. I just do not think that releasing public announcements that they are in full support of Tiger gives off the best message for these companies.

Please let me know your opinion on the matter. Im very interested to hear others opinions.

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  1. safraser46
    December 2, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    There are two sides to this story. On the business aspect, Tiger Woods has not destroyed his reputation. Family problems are common no matter what class you are part of. All Nike and every other corporation endorsing him understand they can still make a profit off of him. Now on the other side are all of these companies acting moral representing a man who cheats on his family? It’s a shame the man can’t have any privacy, but once he signed all of his endorsements he agreed to give up his privacy.If I were the companies I would also keep him as the face of the product I was selling.

  2. yardieboy88
    December 2, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    Come on, Your going to take a stab at the companies morality just because they support tiger. People supported Chris Brown in the rihanna scandal so why not Tiger.

    What is a companies one and only job? Isnt it to maximize profits? So why is it wrong for them to support their investments.

    There is nothing wrong with protecting your investments

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