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Tiger woods and his crash


This is in Tiger’s rights not to comment about what happened because this violates one of the amendments.  This is something that the press are going to have to respect because Woods should keep his family problems out of the press because this is not fair on their family because they are only in the limelight because it involves Tiger Woods .  This is a story that everyone will want to know what happened because he is a role model but if the public know what happened then i think he will loose a lot of respect because when you marry someone you marry them for sickness and in health until death do us part.  This means that you are linked to that person and that know one else shoulf be involved at all.

On the other hand, Tiger Woods should not have cheated on his wife because this is morally wrong.  He has two children with his wife and should be committed to golf and his family.  Woods is completely wrong and has been completely against the moral views.  I feel that if he can not be ethical to his wife then the story should get out to the public so they see what an idiot he has been because too many people look up to what he has done and he does not even deserve this respect.

Do you think he deserves the press to leave them alone?

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  1. jvprocto
    December 3, 2009 at 1:55 am

    To a certain extent, yes the press should leave Tiger and his family issues alone, however; because of his public status he should come out and admit to his fault and apologize, like he did today. Becasue so many people look up to him and he is a role model to many, he has to live up to the “perfect” person he has protrayed in his pro career.

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