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Proposed Early Release For Inmates

Oklahoma City budget cuts are putting pressure on the prisons.  Oklahoma’s prisons are at 98% capacity level but prison guards are becoming scarce.  A new proposal is the early release for non violent offenders which could potentially save millions.  Some non-violent crimes include burglary, theft, and drug charges.  You can see where an argument arises form this proposal.  Those in favor say that it would pose no threat to society because these offenders are non-violent.  Those opposed feel the safety of the state is a concern.  The article mentioned an alternative proposal that would remove Gov. Brad Henry form parole board involving non-violent offenders which would speed up the process time to get inmates released. 

The original proposal seems a little crazy.  In order to save money they would risk the safety of the town.  The offender that would possibly be released are non-violent but that doesnt mean their crimes did not affect anyone.  Those who are charged for burglary robbed someones home.  The victim of those crime are affected psychological as well as physical damage done to their personal property.  The second proposal sounds more permissable in regards to society’s safety.  By removing one person from a parole board would prevent the release of several criminals into society. 


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  1. jthomason16
    December 2, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    I agree with you on this matter. It doesnt seem morally acceptable to let go inmates because the state cannot afford to house them. Even though they say these inmates are not dangerous it doesnt mean they havent had a negative effect. These people who are in prison for drug charges could get out and start selling drugs again and then we have even more people abusing drugs. I just do not think that it is right to let these inmates go so we can save a buck.

  2. safraser46
    December 3, 2009 at 1:08 am

    These criminals were sentenced to serve their sentence for a certain period of time. Although some of these inmates may not be “bad” people they still need to pay the time for their consequences. This would be setting a bad example for our government letting go of criminals who have not paid their time. Also what happens when these criminals are back on the streets? Most likely they’re going to turn back to their old ways and keep breaking the law. Oklahoma City needs to think of other ways to make up for the deficit.

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