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Justices debate rights of beachfront land owners

Today the supreme court met to discuss the issue of private beachfront property owners rights to the beach. The discussion was over the matter if owners of private waterfront property were unfairly deprived title to land that touches the ocean.

Florida officials said that when they deposited tons of new sand on eroding shorelines, the replenished land became government property. Which actually became a strip of public beach between the owners property and the ocean. The property owners have argued that they pay more for waterfront property so that they have their own private land.

I think that it is absolutely bogus for the government to think that they can take these people land that they paid for becuase they dumped a little bit of sand on the beach and called it their own.  I dont understand how that in anyway seems like a justafiable argument. I think it is just the government weasling their way into some free land. This is a complete abuse of power.

Let me know what you think on the matter.

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