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Google Deals With Racism

Google is among the top search engines being used on the internet.  It has even been recently added to the dictionary as a verb, just “google” it.  With such get success comes many problems.  Google plays a role as a neutral tool for searching the web.  Many different images pop up when searched, some good and some bad.  There is a very complex method, which uses over 200 different factor, used to analyze which article or image is pulled up when searched.  A term “google bombing” is a n orchestrated effort by search engine users to force a specific result. 

More money more problems…Goole controls over 2/3 the market of search engines on the internet.  One problem they face today is racism.  A racist photo of Michelle Obama appeared among the top searches for “Michelle Obama”.  Because Google plays a neutral role they must keep the photo one the web but have taken step to prevent this kind of discrimination.  They have revised their algorithm to provide more relevant search results.  In recent years a new service has been developed for online companies to help manage their result on the web.  They attempt to exploit the good and hide the bad.  It is about to be 2010 and discrimination and racism is still an everyday problem faced in society(SAD).  Even though google can not physically remove any negative ads they do a great job of filtering the bad and promoting the good. 


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  1. jthomason16
    December 2, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    I agree with this article. I believe that google does a very good job of dealing with these matters. Google cannot remove material becuase it is a neutral company and cannot show approval or dissaporval of a subject. I think that the way they have handled racist material has been very effective. You cannot blame google for the material on the search engine.

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