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Tacoma Suspect Is Killed by Police Officer in Seattle

This article is about the shooting that occur in Seattle, where four uniformed police officers had killed by Maurice Clemmons.  Mr. Clemmons was shot and killed early Tuesday by a Seattle police officer who chanced upon him during a routine patrol. Mr. Clemmons cause a huge manhunt that had fanned out through Seattle over the last two days. Officials said Mr. Clemmons had been carrying a gun that had belonged to one of the four officers, who were killed at a coffee shop near Tacoma on Sunday morning. This article also says that authorities now had arrested four other people who had help Clemmons in the shooting on Sunday.  The spokesman for Pierce County did not provide any details about how the other four people knew Mr. Clemmons, or how they had assisted him. The policeman who killed Mr. Clemmons said it was pure coincidence that he came face to face around 2:45 am Pacific Time on Tuesday. The officer was patrolling a working-class neighborhood in south Seattle when he came across an empty car on the street, its hood up and its engine idling. The officer recognized Mr. Clemmons immediately, the officer notice that Mr. Clemmons was trying to pull something from his pocket and the officer fired at least twice Mr. Clemmons was pronounced dead at the scene. The name of the officer who shot Mr. Clemmons was not released; he will be placed on administrative leave until a hearing on the use of force is held. The officer says the he ask Mr. Clemmons to put his hands up, Mr. Clemmons had a lengthy criminal history, including pending felony charges of raping a 12-year-old relative and assaulting police officers. Mr. Clemmons was released on bail last week.

I think that the officer did his best to capture the suspect, but who knows what was in his mine. The officer shoot first as explain in the article, but nobody knows what would be the consequences if the officer had let Mr. Clemmons reach his packet. I think is very hard to be a policeman in the U.S.A.  If a policeman uses the force to protect himself he is acting unethical or racist, but if a policeman doesn’t do anything they can get killed.  Even when Mr. Clemmons have criminal record and he has killed four officers few days ago. The policeman who killed Mr. Clemmons is been placed on administrative leave until hearing on the use of force is held. It is crazy to be a policeman when you know that everything can be use against you, even if you try to save your own life not as a policeman but as a man or woman. 


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  1. icgreen
    December 1, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    I understand why the policeman shot at Mr. Clemmons first. I probable would have done the same in that particular situation. Then again, Mr. Clemmons may not have been going for a weapon but you can’t trust an ex-con with criminal charges pending. I believe that it is hard on the policemen in the US because they have to undergo so much for such little pay in order to protect and serve righteously. If the officer shot Mr. Clemmons because he’d killed a fellow officer, then that is not justifiable. Hopefully he did the right thing for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

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