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Private detective hired to snoop on job applicant’s sex life

Private detective hired to snoop on job applicant’s sex life
The article “Private detective hired to snoop job applicant’s sex life” reveals another scandal of the Deutsche Telekom which reportedly hired an private detective to investigate the sex life of a potential employee.
This article matches our discussion about hiring processes and personnel policies. In this case, the woman that was spied on applied for a management position at Deutsche Telekom’s Croatian subsidiary and obviously, Deutsche Telekom found the sex life of this woman an determining criterion.
We learnt that personnel decisions of a company had to be fair and that its personnel policies should be “based on criteria that are job related, clear and accessible […]” (book, page 421). I’m wondering to what extent the sex life of an applicant is job related. Probably not at all. Sexuell preferences are absolutely irrelevant for a managment position at Deutsche Telekom.
Apart from the fact that the private life of the woman is not job related at all, the spying is also an interference in her privacy and for that reason likewise morally wrong.
Those people should mind their own business!

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  1. jthomason16
    December 1, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    This is absolutely rediculous. I agree with you completely. This womans sex life has absolutely nothing to do with her ability to work for the company. What someone does in their personal life should not effect their ability to recieve employment. Actually the company should have no way of knowing what people do in their personal life becuase it is their PERSONAL life. It is totally apart from the company and by spying on the woman they are invading her personal privacy.

  2. lindz617
    December 4, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    I also agree, could this not be filed as some sort of lawsuit? Harassment? invading personal privacy? Plus how the heck does someone investigate someones sex life? that has got to be more involved then checking one’s facebook page. This is just wrong in so many ways, I dont even have a clue what I would do if I was that woman and found out that my future employer was spying on my sex life. oh how i could go on about this…(venting)

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